Phil Cornwell

Biography: Phil Cornwell was born on the fifth of October 1957, he grew up in Southend, Essex and first started doing impressions in Secondary Modern school:

"Frankly, I just thought I was boring. Doing impressions gave me a chance to be someone else. I would spend hours perfecting impressions in front of the bathroom mirror."

He used to sell car parts, but quit his job to follow his dreams of making it in show-business. He enrolled in an East End drama school called EE15 where he met friend and long time collaberator Rick Stone (who helped write and appeared in Gilbert's Fridge- and can be seen in the Billy and Dave films at BwebB). His first appearance on stage was at a Canvey Island talent show, and from there did stand-up gigs in East end strip clubs. By the eighties he was Gilbert the Alien (with appearances and additional material by Rick Stone), and by the start of the 90s he started doing Steve Wright's Breakfast show, also with Rick Stone. He now lives in North-east
London with his wife Rita, and his two kids, Fred and Lile. Fred was born September 1998ish and Lile was born March 2001ish. Rita is employed as a nurse, and she is also a Spurs fan. They often goes to see Spurs play football when they're not at work, and are truly devoted fans. Oh yes. and Phil also owns a Jaguar (the car not the Panther) XJ40, I think... Expand

Phil Cornwell's Scores

Average career score: 56
Highest Metascore: 66 Alan Partridge
Lowest Metascore: 41 Stella Street
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 5
  2. Negative: 0 out of 5
5 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
66 Alan Partridge Apr 4, 2014 Dave Clifton 6.6
52 Cockneys vs Zombies Aug 2, 2013 Grainger 7.4
65 Made in Dagenham Nov 19, 2010 Dave 7.3
57 Color Me Kubrick Mar 23, 2007 Police Duty Sgt 7.0
41 Stella Street Oct 22, 2004 Writer / Jack Nicholson/Mick Jagger/Michael Caine/Jimmy Hill/Barry Saddler/Muthatrucker/Len McMonotoney/Vince Crush/Tour Guide/Nick Duggan/Costumier/CNO Bob/David Bowie 4.0