Philip Olivier

Biography: Philip Borg-Olivier was born in Liverpool and is 21 years old. At school his friends used to shorten his name to Borgo. Originally Philip had only one brother and sister Elliot and Jordanna but since his parents split up he now also has three half half brothers and one half sister. (know the feeling, kidda!) Philip's parents were quite strict and he attended a Catholic school where he always managed to avoid fights by talking his way out of trouble. Philip has been a fan of Brookside since an early age probably because he lived near the set. Apparently he used to watch the goings on in The Close from his bedroom window. He auditioned for Brookside in 1996 when he was 15 and was offered the part of Tinhead . At first he was only due to appear for a few weeks but his contract was extended and after four years he is the most popular character on it. If he wasn't working as an actor in Brookside he would probably work with his dad, who now has a property business.

Philip always planned to be an actor but his first job was running a sweet shop from his dad's garden shed.

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tbd Hollyoaks: In the City: Season 1 Aug 14, 2006 Adam Tyler tbd
tbd The Games: Live: Season 3 Mar 25, 2005 Himself / Himself (2005) tbd
tbd Hollyoaks: In the City: Season 2 Aug 14, 2006 Adam Tyler tbd