Richard J. Allen

Biography: Richard is an American soap opera writer. He started working on daytime in 1986 for "Days of our Live" as the Breakdown Writer until 1989, when he became the Co-Head Writer for the same show until 1991, and briefly in 1992. During 1992-1993, he wrote for "General Hospital" and during 1994-1995, he wrote for "One Life to Live." In 1997, he joined the crew of "Another World" as the script writer and stayed with the show until it was canceled. Then he went on to write for "As the World Turns" until 2001, when he was fired by Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin. Since then, Richard had a brief return to "Days of our Lives" in 2003 as a script writer, but hasn't been writing for soap operas since then.

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tbd Days of our Lives: Season 38 Nov 8, 2002 Writer tbd
tbd Another World: Season 36 May 4, 1999 Writer tbd