Rik Mayall

Biography: Rik was born in 1958 in Harlow, Essex. His parents, Gillian and John taught drama professionally, and Rik appeared in their plays as a child. When he was three, Mayall and his parents moved to Redditch, Worcestershire, where he spent the rest of his childhood. He studied drama at the University of Manchester, where he met his long time comedy partner Adrian Edmondson. They gained fame by appearing at The Comedy Store in the Eighties as "The Dangerous Brothers", supposedly a couple of naive but anarchic daredevils, who would perform comedy stunts on stage. Mayall broke in TV, and again with Edmondson, reached a national audience with The Young Ones. He continued to work successfully in television, appearing in such series as Bottom and The New Statesman. In 1998 he was seriously injured when he crashed a quad bike near his home in Devon, although he made quite a comprehensive recovery he now suffers epilepsy. In 1985, Rik married Barbara Robbin a former make-up artist from Scotland who he met whilst filming A Kick Up The Eighties. They have three children: Rosie (b. 1986), Sydney (b. 1989) and Bonnie (b. 1996). Expand

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Highest Metascore: 62 Hogs of War
Lowest Metascore: 62 Hogs of War
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62 Hogs of War (PS) Sep 5, 2000 Voice Actor / Voice Actor 8.9