Robert B. Parker

Biography: Robert B. Parker was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on September 17, 1932. He attended Colby College. Robert received a PhD in English literature from Boston University in 1972. Robert worked in technical writing and advertising before becoming a full professor and Northeastern University in Boston. While teaching at Northeastern University he began writing his Spenser novels. In 1979 Robert became a full time writer.
Since becoming a full time writer Robert B. Parker has written over 30 novels based on his character Spenser and has also written two other series about characters Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall.
Robert's Spenser novels inspired the ABC television series Spenser: For Hire. Further Spenser novels have been made into made for TV movies and his Jesse Stone novel, Night Passage, was made into a made for TV movie starring Tom Selleck.
Robert is married to Joan, whom he met at Colby College, and they have two sons named David and Daniel.

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