Scott Templin

Biography: Scott is a first-generation fishermen has been fishing the Bering Sea for 19 years who now resides in Roslyn, Wash. In addition to earning money at sea, Scott cuts timber and fights fires in the state of Washington. As a single man, he enjoys the outdoors by surfing and snowboarding in his free time.
Scott used to work on board the 100ft Aleutian Ballad and was on board her when she was stuck by the 60ft rouge wave that knocked the boat on her side and was hand picked by Blake Painter to help him run the 92ft Maverick during the Red King Season.

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tbd Deadliest Catch: Season 3 Apr 3, 2007 Maverick, Deck Boss tbd
tbd Deadliest Catch: Season 2 Mar 28, 2006 Aleutian Ballad, Deckhand) tbd
tbd Deadliest Catch: Season 1 Apr 12, 2005 Maverick, Deck Boss 9.4