Sean Teague

Biography: Sean Michael Teague was born on December 19, 1970 in Houston, Texas and grew up in Willis, Texas. In his sophomore year of high school, at Willis High School, he was encouraged by his English teacher to audition for the upcoming school play, Dracula. On October 17, 1987, he played Renfield in the only performance of the play. During curtain call, Sean received a standing ovation! From there, Sean has gone on to anime and other works. He is currently a voice actor for FUNimation Productions. He has lent his distinct and excellent voice to numerous anime series, such as Katsushiro Okamoto from Samurai 7 and as Koenma from Yu Yu Hakusho.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Bamboo Blade: Season 1 Oct 1, 2007 Danjuro Eiga tbd
tbd xxxHOLiC: Season 1 Apr 6, 2006 Script Writer 8.0
tbd Samurai 7: Season 1 Apr 1, 2006 Katsushiro Okamoto (Eng.) 9.0
tbd Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Season 1 Jan 6, 2005 Writer 10
tbd Dragonball Z: Season 17 Sep 13, 1996 Writer 8.6