Shannyn Sossamon

Biography: Shannyn Sossamon was born Shannon Marie Kahoolani Sossamon in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 3, 1978. Her parents were Sherry Sossamon, who was a nurse, and Todd Lindberg. Her mother later re-married Randy Goldstein. She changed the 'o' in her name to a 'y' in 1995. Sossamon spent her early years in Reno, Nevada. The day after her high school graduation at Galena High School, Sossamon moved to Los Angeles to persue a career in dance. Once there, she began work as a DJ in local clubs. Sossamon's rise to fame in Hollywood happened after she starred in A Knight's Tale. Since then, she has appeared in many films and TV shows.

Sossamon has one son with Dallas Clayton, named Audia Science Clayton. He was born on May 29, 2003. She continues to study acting, music, and dance and was orginally a drummer in the Los Angeles psychedlic band Warpaint with her sister Jenny Lindberg, but had to eventually leave because of her busy schedule.

Shannyn Sossamon's Scores

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Average career score: 45
Highest Metascore: 72 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lowest Metascore: 21 The Order
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 15
  2. Negative: 6 out of 15
15 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
32 Sinister 2 Aug 21, 2015 Cast / Courtney / Courtney Collins / Courtney Collins 6.1
38 Our Family Wedding Mar 12, 2010 Ashley McPhee 5.5
36 Life Is Hot in Cracktown Jun 26, 2009 Concetta 8.0
24 One Missed Call Jan 4, 2008 Beth Raymond 4.8
29 Undiscovered Aug 26, 2005 Josie 4.4
21 The Order Sep 5, 2003 Mara Sinclair 1.1