Sheri Moon Zombie

Biography: Widely known not only as Rob Zombie's beautiful wife, but also the most iconic female serial killer to emerge on the modern horror scene. Sheri was born in San Jose, CA. Though she didn't stay there long because as a teenager she moved with her family to the east coast. During her senior year of High School she began to hang out with a new crowd and began exploring her newfound interest in working with money. Besides her role as the treasurer of her high school class, Sheri expanded her interests in the entertainment industry by dancing, modeling, and doing choreography. It was Sheri's charm and drop-dead good looks that caught the eye of Robert Wolfgang Zombie - The former lead singer of White Zombie. Sheri and Rob were introduced by mutual friend and had pizza and water on their first date at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. It was love at first sight, and Sheri insists that the two of them have not been apart for more than 13 days since their first date. Before her prominent roles in Rob Zombie's films 'House of 1000 Corpses' and 'Devil's Rejects', Sheri's most famous work was as the face of Rob's "Living Dead Girl" video in 1999. In the video, Sheri appears with Rob in a 1920's style mini movie as an undead sideshow attraction. Besides "Living Dead Girl", Sheri has appeared in over 20 of Rob's music videos - Both for White Zombie and under his solo act. To this days "Living Dead Girl" is Sheri's favorite.

In 1999, Sheri appeared on the cover of Rob's hit album "American Music made to Strip by" wearing little more than a cowboy hat. Rob and Sheri married shortly after in 2002 on October 31 after 13 years of dating. Sheri claims it wasn't planned initially- "we decided to elope on Halloween, not because of the holiday but because it was ten days before we were suppose to have a big wedding. It was much to our parent's dismay, but we still had a kick-a**, totally rockin' reception with the families."

Six monthes after they tied the knot, Rob unleashed his first feature film onto the world. 'House of 1000 Corpses' (2003) featured Sheri's debut onto the silver screen. Rob cast her as the sexy but deadly Vera-Ellen "Baby" Firefly even though she had never even spoke on camera prior to this role. Sheri recounts from the rehearsals, "I was so nervous I felt like I had to vomit before ever take."

Sheri's role as Baby continues in the sequal 'Devil's Rejects'. More realistic in style than 'House', 'Rejects' also contains even more disturbing scenes of violence than its predecessor. Of course, along with the violence, Baby brings back her trademark foxiness to the screen.

Normally shy about baring too much skin, Sheri disregarded her views to achieve Rob's vision for the movie. Sheri explained, "Rob is the director, he's a master manipulator, and gets the actors to do what they think they want to do.. but it's really his idea." Even though Rob is the mastermind, Sheri notes that she did play a part in influencing some of the hair, makeup, and wardrobe decisions. When asked about working with her husband in an interview, Sheri responded, "It's great! But I don't get special treatment. Special treatment.. I don't even know what that would be!"

Despite her character's popularity, Sheri herself confesses that some of the violence in 'Rejects' genuinely disturbs her. Altough some might assume an obsession with horror movies would be natural as a silver screen serial killer and Rob's wife, Sheri isn't a diehard fan of horror herself. Sheri appricates the super-pop of No Doubt and a good laugh from one her favorite movies, 'Young Frankenstein'. In fact, her favorite scene from 'Rejects' is possibly the most lighthearted scene in the entire film - "the ice cream scene". Sheri Comments, "there has to be the lightness to balance out the heaviness, if you will, of the film. There are some really dark moments, but then there's a lot of comedic moments where you get that relief, like [sighs] I can breath now."

Off screen, Sheri manages her increasingly successful clothing line TOTAL SKULL. Sheri explains, "the phrase 'total skull' to me means awesome, rad, the best of the best." Total Skull designs mix that perfect blend of cuteness and hard-edged horror rock that characterize Sheri herself. Sheri unveiled Total Skull's premiere line in June 2006 and has since released a fall line.

Despite her success on screen and off, Sheri never ceases to amaze fans with her genuinely nice personality. Never one for drama, Sheri steers clear of the "Hollywood Lifestyle".

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57 The Lords of Salem Apr 19, 2013 Heidi Hawthorne / Heidi Hawthorne 5.9
47 Halloween Aug 31, 2007 Deborah Myers 5.6
53 The Devil's Rejects Jul 22, 2005 Baby 6.9