Showtaro Morikubo

Biography: Showtaro Morikubo was born February 25, 1974 in Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan. He grew up mostly with his father and has a younger sister, currently entering her teen years, whom he respects much. He graduated from Meiji University with honors in English. His career kicked off around 1996. He has voiced characters in anime, drama CDs, and video games. He is also a composer, and has written such songs as "I.D.E.A. ~Boku wa Mainichi, Yume wo Miru~" (performed by RoST) for Rockman X6, and Oh! Enka! (performed by Junko Takeuchi) for Naruto. He produced and wrote the lyrics for his songs from his solo album almost entirely himself, and he also wrote the lyrics and music to, and sang, a track from the movie "Cross Chord". He put together entirely, and sang, the two vocal songs, Kiri no Mukou de and Mezametara..., for the soundtrack to the anime Ururun.

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Highest Metascore: 58 Mega Man X7
Lowest Metascore: 58 Mega Man X7
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58 Mega Man X7 (PS2) Oct 14, 2003 "LAZY MIND" Performed By / "LAZY MIND" Performed By / Mega Man X (Japanese Voice) / Mega Man X (Japanese Voice) 5.1