Stuart Devenie M.N.Z.M.

Biography: Kiwi actor Stuart Devenie's career has spanned three decades with him playing leads in a number of plays and television dramas, including The Daylight Atheist by Tom Scott and Caligula, Disgrace and The Talented Mr Ripley for the Auckland Theatre Company. Stuart has also directed The Orderly Business of Life and The God Boy, and has performed in Ladies Night, Middle Age Spread, Take a Chance On Me, Twelve Angry Men, and Uncle Vanya, among many others. His TV credits include Street Legal, Mercy Peak, Jack of all Trades, and Hercules. Stuart is also one of the top voiceover artists in New Zealand.

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tbd The Amazing Extraordinary Friends: Season 2 Jul 5, 2008 Dominic Renfield tbd
tbd The Amazing Extraordinary Friends: Season 1 Jul 7, 2007 Dominic Renfield tbd
tbd Power Rangers: Season 14 Feb 20, 2006 Imperious (Voice) tbd
tbd Power Rangers: Season 1 Aug 28, 1993 Imperious (Voice) 7.8