Teck Holmes

Biography: The son of a minister, Teck has a contagious energy and humor. Teck is a ladies man and--some would say--sexist in a charming way. Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, his goal in life is to become an entertainer and segue into politics, where he hopes to be a positive black role model. While he was living in Atlanta he produced, financed and starred in a low-budget film. Although he can be a party animal, Teck's alter ego proves him to be an extremely smart and responsible young man.

Teck is currently living in the Los Angeles area and continues his successful career in entertainment. He's hosted MTV's Direct Effect and co-starred in the original movie Love Song. He hosted Say What? Karaoke and appeared on TRL. He also co-starred in the feature film Van Wilder: Party Liaison with Tara Reid and was casted as a series regular in the WB's t.v. show Said The Coach.

-Courtesy of MTV

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Average career score: 26
Highest Metascore: 26 Van Wilder
Lowest Metascore: 26 Van Wilder
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26 Van Wilder Apr 5, 2002 Hutch 6.9