Trevor Goddard

Biography: Official Biography Until recently, this ex-professional boxer has been best known throughout the world for portraying villains in many of Hollywood's top action movies. Now, Australian Trevor Goddard is breaking out in a big way as a leading man, thrilling his fans and inspiring millions of new ones with his continuing portrayal of Lt. Commander Mic Brumby in CBS' top 10 series, "JAG." Quickly expanding his already impressive resume, Trevor is currently working opposite Holly Hunter on the Goldie Hawn-produced ABC film When Billie Beat Bobbi (already aired at the time of this posting) and recently wrapped two independent films? The suspense thriller Dead Man's Run, and Hollywood Vampyr, in which he plays the leader of a group of vampires in Los Angeles' underground gothic subculture. Goddard was discovered while successfully competing as a light -heavyweight boxer and was asked to appear in a few Budweiser commercials. Numerous guest starring roles followed, and soon Goddard became the idol of millions of kids worldwide when he brought the character of "Kano" to life in the New Line Cinema's huge box office hit Mortal Kombat.

Other film credits include starring roles in Deep Rising, Assault on Devil's Island, TNT's fourth highest rated cable movie of all time, Fast Money, and Men of War, which also starred his "JAG" costar Catherine Bell. Goddard's other recent films include a co-starring role Gut Feeling, a cameo in the LA Indi Film Festival Winner Some Girls, and Jerry Bruckheimer's Gone in 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie (and he did a great job I might add)
Loving the discipline and action of the stage, Trevor won the LA Drama Critics Award for Best Performance of the Year for portraying a sexually confused boxer in "The Cock-n- Bull Story" (beating out such luminaries as Sir Ian McKellen and Laurence Fishburne).
In 2002 Trevor is working on a new ad campaign with Hoover, a division of the Maytag Corporation, promoting the new Hoover Floor Mate. It is a wide spread campaign that consists of cutouts, print ads, television and many other great things to come. Look for him to do new movies this year as well as some new television roles.
In late 2002 he started work on Pirates of the Caribbean and it was scheduled to open July 4 weekend. Unfortunatly Mr. Goddard was not to see that happen. He suddenly passed away on June 7, 2003 of an apparent accidental drug overdose. He was survived by his wife and children, parents and a sibling.

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58 Mortal Kombat Aug 18, 1995 Kano 7.6