Weird Al

Biography: Weird Al is famous for copying other people's music, and changing the words, to make the song his own, with loads of comedy. Weird Al also writes his own music, which he does not copy from anybody else. He is one of the funniest music artists and the other artists which he copies from, are honored to have him do their song over. Al also writes his own music, and has recieves many awards for his work. Weird Al Yankovic will always be a funny artist, which helped redefine the 90's era of music. Al has also made movies, which were big hits in the states, but his music is where most of his credit is due. Many of Al's albums have went platinum, and almost all them have at least went gold, showing that Al is a very talented music artist, and a very funny one also.

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tbd Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Season 1 Feb 11, 2007 Uncle Muscles 7.5
tbd I Love the 70s: Volume 2: Season 1 Jul 10, 2006 Himself tbd
tbd I Love the Holidays: Season 1 Nov 7, 2005 Himself tbd
tbd I Love the ‘80s: 3D: Season 1 Oct 24, 2005 Movies That Should've Been Made In 3d Host tbd
tbd I Love the 90's Part Deux: Season 1 Jan 17, 2004 Himself tbd
tbd Al TV Jun 23, 2003 Himself tbd
tbd I Love The 80's: Season 1 Dec 16, 2002 Himself / Then And Now tbd
tbd Al TV Mar 1, 1992 Himself tbd