Yuki Kaida

Biography: Yuki Kaida was born on November 30th of an undisclosed year and has taken part in Japanese series, but mainly voices Japanese anime. Her most notable roles are Ouka from .hack//SIGN, Kurapika from HunterxHunter, Ayano Fujikawa from Suzuka, and Shusuke Fuji from The Prince of Tennis. Her blood type is A. She's 5-foot-1 and approximately 104 pounds.

She enjoys English conversation, listening to funny stories, and watching both baseball and raguko (tradition Japanese story-telling). Some of her favorite things include Kosanji Yanagiya (raguko artist), Queen (the band), The Chronicles of Narnia (book series), and sour and spicy soup.

She preformed the second ending "Roku Tousei" for Shonen Onmyouji, and is given credit for two songs in The Prince of Tennis.

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Highest Metascore: 64 Killer Is Dead
Lowest Metascore: 64 Killer Is Dead
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64 Killer Is Dead (X360) Aug 27, 2013 Voice: Vivienne Squall (Japanese) 7.2