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1971 movie reviews
  1. The new Ghostbusters is a pretty funny movie, a goofy take on the goofy original that has some good laughs and a dopey story.
  2. Thanks to Cranston’s performance — along with a game supporting cast — and Brad Furman’s tension-building direction, the movie works.
  3. It’s a variation on a theme that Solondz has been working through his whole filmography, and when he’s successful, he convinces you to believe the worst in people and laugh at it. But when he’s not, the film can feel like punishment.
  4. Long story short: Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a terrific movie and you should do whatever you can to see it.
  5. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates gives us too much hangover and not enough buzz.
  6. The Secret Life of Pets is a pleasant-enough movie that would have been much better had it lived up to its title.
  7. There are obviously a lot of parts here, and they don’t all fit together successfully; the shift in tone toward the end is particularly unsettling. But it’s not for lack of ambition on the part of the Daniels, nor the performances by Dano and Radcliffe.
  8. Even more than an expose of bad reporting and social hysteria, The Witness is an intimate exercise in grief and healing
  9. There are some good ideas in there, even timely. But eventually, like everything else in the movie, they’re washed away in a sea of blood and a hail of bullets.
  10. While there is some magic here, it’s not the transportive experience it might have been.
  11. As in “The Searchers,” some of the motivations are questionable and murky. Yet the pain of losing someone you love is just as palpable.
  12. Director Susanna White keeps things low-key and absorbing, as the action moves from Marrakesh to London to Paris to Switzerland.
  13. "Unfun" isn't a real word, but boy, it sure describes The Legend of Tarzan.
  14. Laughably bad dialogue and wooden acting.
  15. Genuine, honest, thrilling.
  16. Free State of Jones is a well-intentioned slog through a potentially fascinating bit of Civil War history, brought to life only by Matthew McConaughey’s performance, and then only occasionally.
  17. It’s safe to say that Tickled is nothing like what its filmmakers set out to make. That's an artistic blessing.
  18. The film is visually striking, even if the images don’t always make sense.
  19. Writer-director Noah Buschel (he was behind the Corey Stoll boxing drama “Glass Chin”) has crafted an odd little film that is sometimes compelling, sometimes maddening.
  20. The music and the group are uplifting. The stories are inspiring.
  21. The Shallows is pretty much a woman stranded on a rock, with a big shark between her and the shore. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat?” “We’re gonna need a smaller bikini,” more like.
  22. If you’re a literature junkie, and I cringe at typing the phrase because it sounds so quaint in a world of 140-character expressions of self, then the film has its fascinating moments. The performances aren’t really among them.
  23. The hidden magic in De Palma is Baumbach and Paltrow’s editing. The pacing is just right, and the stories flow, one from another. Sit back, relax, watch, listen and learn. It’s a good time at the movies.
  24. “Raiders!” is as sloppy and imperfect as the kids’ shot-for-shot remake, but it has much the same charm.
  25. You come to this movie hoping that Johnson and Hart make you laugh. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don’t. The hit-to-miss ratio is higher than you might expect, and both actors could accurately be described as pleasant, if not especially creative.
  26. Like the original, Finding Dory makes us understand the fears, joys, struggles and triumphs of family.
  27. The heists are bigger, the illusions are flashier, and the pace is quicker. Even the cast is livelier and more fun. Perhaps best of all, the movie captures the first film’s twisty ability to twirl an audience around, so you’re never entirely sure what’s happened until everything is explained.
  28. The Conjuring 2 won't make anyone forget the first film, but it's good enough that you'll hope they make another.
  29. I love movies like The Wailing. Na Hong-jin’s film is like a genre buffet, with horror as the main course, but a hearty helping of mystery, crime drama, black comedy and family relations on the menu, as well. Don’t forget the side dishes of religion, superstition and ritual. It’s a full meal.
  30. A movie with a title like Puerto Ricans in Paris comes with certain expectations. Low ones. Thanks to the efforts of Luis Guzman — and they are mighty — Ian Edelman's slight film manages to rise above them. Not by much, but above them, still.

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