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1,479 movie reviews
  1. The voices are outstanding; the story demands British accents, and with such people as Caine and Smith providing them, so much the better.
  2. Prophet’s Prey isn’t definitive, but it is compelling and occasionally even cinematic.
  3. The performances are terrific, and when it’s on its game, which is often, Straight Outta Compton is an explosive look at the creation of a message that had to be delivered by the only people who could deliver it, a message that is, unfortunately, as timely now as when we first heard it.
  4. Although it won’t win any points for originality, it is a fast-moving little chiller filled with creepy atmosphere and convincing performances.
  5. If you like your summer-movie explosions huge, Man of Steel delivers. But it seems as if it might have delivered even more than a glorious noise.
  6. Bacon can play just about anything, and he’s having a good time here as a guy not quite smart enough to keep himself out of trouble, but wily enough to try to dig himself out of it. It’s fun to watch.
  7. A great soundtrack can go a long way in smoothing over a decent movie’s rough patches, and Northern Soul’s is fantastic.
  8. The Runaways broke new ground. And if "The Runaways" doesn't, it's still a movie worth watching - and listening to.
  9. The cuteness, of course, is just the lure. The real payoff is the unforgettable images of nature in its astonishing abundance and awesome austerity.
  10. There is something immensely rewarding about being in the hands of a director whose confidence is such that he can lead us to uncomfortable places and we’ll go eagerly along for the ride, just to see where it leads.
  11. Old Goats is a nice little slice of life, even if it’s a (partly) fictional one.
  12. Where this falls on your personal line between funny and abusive may vary. Either way, what makes the comedy work is that Bateman doesn't relent. Guy is, simply, a loathsome person.
  13. It is fun, a hodgepodge of styles and technique and feathered hair that really evokes the late ’70s.
  14. The action is entertaining enough, and it's kind of fun to follow the intricate plotting and planning of the jobs.
  15. "Idiots” definitely isn’t for everyone, but its wry sensibility is several degrees more original than your average Hollywood knee-slapper.
  16. It's an interesting premise, if a bit far-fetched for anyone who has spent long nights washing sheets and pillowcases that kids have thrown up on.
  17. Sole Survivor is a puzzle whose pieces don’t fit together perfectly, but still create an cohesive whole.
  18. Adult Beginners is funny and warm and sweet enough without overdoing it. Again, it's not groundbreaking, but it shakes things up a little.
  19. Giroux's refusal to pass judgment on his characters prevents us from doing so, and the film is much more powerful for it.
  20. Chronicle plays like an extended episode of "The X-Files" might; DeHaan in particular comes off like one of the series' more-memorable characters. That's a compliment. It isn't a great movie, but one could imagine -- and hope -- that it becomes a cult favorite, outlasting other films of its ilk.
  21. Writer and director Ti West accesses all the hot buttons for fans of the genre in a manner that doesn't make fun of it (and its followers) in a "Scary Movie" way, but instead treats it with the appropriate amount of respect. (Key word: appropriate.)
  22. It's not a bad movie, but it is very much a transitional one.
  23. Despite the bumpy ride, the final destination reveals a weirdly daring comedy with the familiar, but still necessary, lesson that being popular isn't all it's made out to be in the movies.
  24. There’s more than a whiff of the didactic in Difret, a film overly earnest in spelling out its cause in more-than-occasional exposition. But it is otherwise an affecting drama that is honest and clear-eyed about Hirut’s trauma, and the ongoing struggles she’ll face even if she’s freed, without ever treating her abuse in an exploitative manner.
  25. There's something refreshing about a movie that knows what it is, and what it wants to be. John Wick is that kind of movie.
  26. Maggie has some rough edges — what caused the epidemic, for instance? — but it's still a worthwhile effort, especially for a first-time director. And for an old pro like Schwarzenegger, trying something different and succeeding.
  27. The false notes are outnumbered by those that ring achingly true.
  28. Out of the Furnace goes so far out of its way to be gritty and meaningful that it sometimes neglects its strongest feature: its actors.
  29. Settles for simply being goofy good fun.
  30. You won't find a lot of jaw-dropping elements in Brave. But what you will find is really well-done.

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