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  1. You also get drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. By the time the movie is half over, you'll feel hungover.
  2. Director Francis Lawrence does a nice job capturing the claustrophobic environment of District 13 and has a good eye for action shots. But the actors are what really sell the movie.
  3. It's not an easy ride, but it is ultimately a satisfying one.
  4. The story has something of a flow, but the film feels more like someone dropping in on the characters' lives. It's more about observation than connecting dots. This isn't a detriment, particularly with strong performances to carry things along.
  5. Daybreakers isn't a great film, but it's a good one, and in a market oddly lousy with vampire tales, it's an original.
  6. The story probably doesn’t stand up to heavy scrutiny, and at times the effort by star and director shows. But at least the effort is there.
  7. Surprisingly, character actor Sam Anderson winds up stealing a lot of the film as Bruce and Frank's dad. He can take a line as innocuous as "We don't have cars right now. Bruce stole them for drugs" and turn it into something hilarious.
    • Arizona Republic
  8. Far-fetched? Yes. A little sugary? Also yes, especially if Thomas were removed from the equation. Happily, she is not, and that, combined with the performances of McGregor, Blunt and Waked, makes Salmon Fishing in the Yemen a charming little movie.
  9. Never quite delivers on its promise -- a dark retelling of the fairy tale in which women hold the true power, good and evil -- but it certainly is an attractive misfire.
  10. The plain facts, presented without commentary, are an effective plea for a more compassionate immigration policy.
  11. It's beautiful to behold and wears its magic on its well-appointed sleeves, daring the audience to crack wise.
  12. If you had to update the film for the Instagram generation, you could do a lot worse than what director Shana Feste (“Country Strong”) has come up with. She has crafted a stylish, evocative journey into overheated-teenager territory. For a good chunk of the time, it works.
  13. What stays with you is Franco, one of the more enigmatic actors around, going way over the top yet grounding his performance in … something. Whatever it is, it’s more interesting than all the wet T-shirt contests in the world, and it makes Spring Breakers worth watching.
  14. Jersey Boys is a good movie, and the performances are first-rate. But Eastwood should have roughed things up a little more.
  15. The bigger issue is that the film is more a slice of life than a real journey. It's an intriguing slice, but the real depth is in the performances, not the story. [18 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  16. You can't help leaving the film with the following thought: Man, it's good to see Murphy being funny again.
  17. For a Woman, Diane Kurys' semi-autobiographical film, benefits greatly from its intimate nature, in which a woman discovers secrets from her family's past.
  18. Occasionally the film seems as if it will make a political statement (the value, or lack thereof, of torture, for instance). But it doesn’t really follow through. But they keep us occupied with twists, well-played, and some of the laughs are genuine, if uncomfortable and guilt-inducing.
  19. Steadman is great fodder for a documentary, as he has continued to produce his signature works. But if you're going to make a movie about Ralph Steadman, make it about Ralph Steadman.
  20. The One I Love is an odd, unsettling and ultimately satisfying movie.
  21. It's a gentle and unassuming film, lingering over sometimes poignantly awkward conversations as Terry encourages his protege to persevere in his search for an original voice to go along with his skilled hands.
  22. In Bethlehem Adler tries to make some sense of that world, and to the extent that it's possible, succeeds.
  23. It is the mythic resonance of her story that makes it a worthy subject a documentary. But it is the down-to-earth human touches that make Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq worth watching.
  24. Some of the comic bits are a little too broad and silly, but Derbez, in his feature debut, makes Instructions Not Included a balancing act more successful than it should be.
  25. It's a small movie but an effective one, using found footage as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. More like it would be a welcome trend.
    • Arizona Republic
  26. There is a sad sweetness to the whole affair, for lack of a better term. Or maybe it's a sweet sadness. But O'Brien's outlook on life (he thinks his use-by date may be approaching), and Hawkes' portrayal of it, elevates the film beyond what's on the page, making what's on the screen a lot more satisfying.
    • Arizona Republic
  27. Despite its emotional coldness, the film still manages to end on a note of something like hope.
    • Arizona Republic
  28. As formula films go, The Bounty Hunter is more enjoyable than most, even if it packs in as many cliches as any.
  29. As cautionary tales go, Disconnect is a pretty good one, but it’s not really a whole lot more than that.
  30. For all the well-traveled roads in Girl Most Likely, Berman and Pulcini bring a sweetness to the material that suits Wiig’s offbeat talents. We know we’re being played, but really, if we’re enjoying it, why complain?

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