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1,204 movie reviews
  1. If you like martial-arts films, it's well worth your while, a non-stop orgy of brilliantly choreographed fight scenes. Eventually it's all too much, a blur of fists, blades and snapped bones that run together. Still, it's a wild ride.
  2. It's true that the language in the film can be harsh -- but it's also very obvious that kids are hearing this kind of language in schools every day, much of it directed at them.
  3. Fothergill and Linfield capture plenty of humor and drama.
  4. Statham probably isn't going to be doing Shakespeare anytime soon. But everybody ought to be good at something, and when it comes to this kind of thing, Statham is very good, indeed.
  5. So no points for originality. Madden tries to make up for this with sheer British acting personality and nearly succeeds.
  6. It's a little too obvious -- interesting, sometimes kind of fun but, ultimately, not as satisfying as it might have been.
  7. Yam Laranas doesn't leave it at that. In his low-budget, creepy thriller, he spells out why and how this particular path is so deadly, as well as what led to the crimes and supernatural horror that seem to frequent the place.
  8. Never quite delivers on its promise -- a dark retelling of the fairy tale in which women hold the true power, good and evil -- but it certainly is an attractive misfire.
  9. There are plenty of reasons not to like The Intouchables, but Omar Sy's terrific performance blows right past them.
  10. You won't find a lot of jaw-dropping elements in Brave. But what you will find is really well-done.
  11. Skeptical at first, perhaps a little embarrassed, but before you know it, you're having a blast.
  12. Watching Garfield swinging through New York or toying with criminals after he captures them is reason enough to welcome another telling of the tale.
  13. It presents Perry as a likable, hard-working artist, someone you root for, even if she's not on your iPod.
  14. As cultural criticism, this commentary on life in the age of TMZ and the "Real Housewives" is hardly insightful, but it is executed to dizzying, Fellini-esque perfection, a miniature masterpiece amidst more modest amusements.
  15. Unlike, say, Val Kilmer's Jim Morrison in "The Doors," Thomas makes no attempt to create a convincing facsimile of Hank Williams, which is just as well, since he bears little resemblance to the sinewy singer.
  16. Marvel at the audacity of Nørgaard and his cast, of how far they are willing to go for a laugh. It's a bumpy ride, but for those with the stomach for it, it's an entertaining one.
  17. A charming film. Not a great one, but a good one.
  18. Sparkle is pure melodrama, but it's a high-powered, well-acted, entertaining melodrama. You may not always believe it, but you won't be bored.
  19. Just slam the pedal to the floor, blast on past the weaknesses in the plot, and enjoy the ride.
  20. Cosmopolis is frustrating, funny, thought-provoking, weird, maddening, worthwhile. It isn't a great movie. Sometimes it's not a good one. Sometimes it is. Ultimately, it is one worth working through, a valuable exercise if you're willing to make the effort.
  21. It's a somewhat formulaic romp, but it's an utterly winning one.
  22. This breathless science-fiction thriller isn't just gory. It practically revels in graphic violence, with several scenes shot in excruciating slow motion.
  23. A surprisingly enjoyable movie.
  24. Granted, the film lacks the kicky element of surprise that made the first movie so enjoyable, but it's hard to gripe too much. Taken 2 aims to be a fast-paced, workmanlike sequel that shows off its charismatic leading man, and that's exactly what it does.
  25. Surprisingly, character actor Sam Anderson winds up stealing a lot of the film as Bruce and Frank's dad. He can take a line as innocuous as "We don't have cars right now. Bruce stole them for drugs" and turn it into something hilarious.
    • Arizona Republic
  26. The bigger issue is that the film is more a slice of life than a real journey. It's an intriguing slice, but the real depth is in the performances, not the story. [18 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  27. It's a small movie but an effective one, using found footage as a means to an end and not as an end in itself. More like it would be a welcome trend.
    • Arizona Republic
  28. There is a sad sweetness to the whole affair, for lack of a better term. Or maybe it's a sweet sadness. But O'Brien's outlook on life (he thinks his use-by date may be approaching), and Hawkes' portrayal of it, elevates the film beyond what's on the page, making what's on the screen a lot more satisfying.
    • Arizona Republic
  29. Despite its emotional coldness, the film still manages to end on a note of something like hope.
    • Arizona Republic
  30. It's not that the artificiality doesn't work sometimes. It does, as some of the scenes are gorgeous to look at. But too often it serves as more of a distraction than an effective tool for telling the story.

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