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  1. Some of its conceits may not hold up under intense scrutiny, but, generally speaking, it's a good time at the movies.
  2. Malik Bendjelloul really knows how to spin a yarn.
  3. Miller maintains control over the proceedings at all times, which is impressive enough. But where he really soars is in the performances he gets from his three lead actors.
  4. [Kurzel's] vision of what he wants his Macbeth to be never wavers. And he has the actors to make it happen.
  5. Although this movie has lots of laughs and a willingness to poke fun at itself, it doesn't quite recapture the magic of the last movie. Close, but not quite.
  6. There’s a jarring shift in tone and story in the last act, but the performances — particularly towering ones by a way-over-the-top Ralph Fiennes and an under-the-radar Tilda Swinton — perfectly balancing each other, carry the day.
  7. Spy
    Spy is hilarious and heartfelt, a terrific movie.
  8. The girls bring a passion to the band that they can muster nowhere else in their lives. Not everyone gets what they're doing — well, no one, really — but that's the point. This is a knowing film, and a liberating one.
  9. What makes Drinking Buddies so compelling is that feeling that these are real people, behaving in real ways.
  10. There's a purity to the experience of watching a film so naturalistic, like living in someone else's life for two hours.
  11. The Patience Stone largely functions as a one-woman play, with Farahani’s character soliloquizing over her husband’s body.
  12. It's the best kind of fairy tale — tough, deep and meaningful, with a heroine who stays true to herself in spite of shallow temptations.
  13. It’s refreshing to watch Bening, making the most of her best role in a long time.... It’s just an outstanding performance, and reason enough to see a movie whose charms are as unusual as its characters.
  14. The movie is fascinating when it looks at the mechanics of Big Bird, which are physically challenging.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Some documentaries are about answers. Others are about questions. Cartel Land is about the hazy territory in between.
  15. What makes the film more than just a starstruck string of great stories is that it also gets at the loss and longing in Gordon's life.
  16. Lucy is insane, makes very little sense, doesn't stand up to scrutiny and is an absolute blast.
  17. Mulloy’s only other directing credit is for the documentary short “This Morning.” She brings a documentarian’s objective eye to Una Noche, yet the actors — non-professionals — convey exactly the emotions she is looking for.
  18. Logan is a serious take on the comic-book genre, the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular, and it’s a good one. Not a great one, though, which it might've been if it hadn’t gotten in its own way, overdoing it with its R-rated freedoms.
  19. Terribly Happy must surely be the greatest Danish Western ever made.
  20. A delicious trifle for anyone who has ever dreamt of bantering about the cinema with Luis Buñuel or lounging at the piano to hear Cole Porter sing "Let's Do It."
  21. The brutally sparse documentary Rich Hill removes poverty from the realm of the abstract and makes it personal.
  22. It's a surprisingly moving film. While the fight scenes are unquestionably thrilling, the movie's best bits are not about winning and losing but about pain and, ultimately, forgiveness.
  23. He's often called the Yiddish Mark Twain; supposedly Twain, upon hearing this, said to tell Aleichem that Twain was the American Sholem Aleichem.
  24. One reason the movie works so well: Writer-director Malcolm D. Lee returns from the original, so the characters feel true to the first film. Secondly, most of the cast is back, and they have the kind of comfortable chemistry you can’t fake. It’s easy to believe these people have a history together.
  25. It's an engaging, accessible documentary that explores the (truly) eternal questions, "Does hell exist? If so, who ends up there, and why?"
  26. In an age in which celebrity gossip and page views trump all, hearing two masters talk intelligently about movies and how they’re made is, if nothing else, a welcome treat.
  27. Greenwood is fantastic; his Meek occasionally lets down his facade of omniscience - but only occasionally. And Williams gives Emily not dignity exactly, but a calm, steely insistence on survival.
  28. Night Moves is an unexpected pleasure, offering more than what we expect and taking its time to deliver.
  29. Herzog’s longing for the ideological purity in which these lives are lived, free of paperwork and bureaucracy, taxes and technology, drives the film, which lacks an overall story arc. And that longing makes the title’s veracity a little suspect.

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