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  1. There was a cry from Wallace fans when Segel was cast (some are still up in arms), but he’s terrific. So is Eisenberg, in an even more difficult role.
  2. At first, it’s fun and shiny, then you’re left with a crumpled mess on the floor.
  3. Stark’s turgid approach feels both pompous and cold, and the film never connects emotionally.
  4. It’s an interesting film, consistently entertaining, a mile wide and an inch deep.
  5. A LEGO Brickumentary feels like one of those cheerful corporate videos that gets screened at team meetings, designed to rouse employees into a rah-rah fervor. The down side: Most videos of that ilk don’t last for 90 minutes.
  6. This is a funny movie, in places.
  7. McQuarrie delivers a tense, eye-popping amusement-park ride that’s almost as exciting as it is forgettable.
  8. Good for its uncommonly level-headed characters, less so for viewers watching a movie in which not much happens.
  9. Batkid Begins is a good movie about great intentions and a large group of people coming together to make a stranger most of them will never meet happy.
  10. Rodriguez and Taylor are terrific. Their confidence is infectious, yet they never let us forget the challenges their lives offer.
  11. Allen builds to a climax that is ridiculous and a comment on … I don’t know. Fate? Folly? There are plenty of both in Irrational Man, but they’re not often a comfortable mix.
  12. We’ve seen the elements that make up Paper Towns before, but that’s OK. Schreier proves adept at avoiding clichés, and is helped by his actors.
  13. The visual effects are impressive, and there is a certain kick to seeing the human characters dodging barrels in a life-size Donkey Kong. But we don’t really care about the humans; here, at least, Q*bert is more endearing than Adam Sandler.
  14. Southpaw is all about the fist. There’s no delicate footwork here, no lingering grace notes. It’s a film played entirely in power chords.
  15. Shining is nothing new for McKellen, a brilliant actor, and it's interesting to see how he and Condon portray Holmes' faculties at different times.
  16. On the plus side, Jones is a really good makeup artist, and he is adept at creating gross-out dead people and wounds, and violent acts intense enough that they make you want to look away. On the minus side, the acting and story are so bad you want to look away anyway. Follow that instinct.
  17. Director Eran Riklis starts the film off with a playful, whimsical tone that grows increasingly darker as things progress. It reflects the life of the movie's protagonist, which finds him facing challenges that would make most people bitter.
  18. What's nice is how smart the film is. Schumer gives a nod to plenty of other romantic comedies, not to make fun of them but to honor them. Being funny is hard work and she has put in the hours of toil.
  19. The problem with Peyton Reed's film is that when he shrinks the always-affable Paul Rudd, he shrinks a big part of Rudd's charisma, too.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Some documentaries are about answers. Others are about questions. Cartel Land is about the hazy territory in between.
  20. The Tribe is that rare breed of film so masterful in execution it requires watching once, yet so devastating you may never be able to stomach seeing it again.
  21. Amy
    [An] exhilarating, brutally depressing documentary.
  22. This is a first-rate cast in a second-rate story with some entertaining bits and some maddening holes. That combination works for late-night channel surfing. Anywhere else, not so much.
  23. The Minions themselves aren't as endearing as they are in the previous movies, maybe because there are fewer of them bumbling around, or maybe because they just haven't found their true supervillain love yet. Or maybe some sidekicks, no matter how loveable, just aren't cartoon-hero material
  24. The club scenes, initially exciting, are ultimately wearying, and the movie meanders about much of the time.
  25. Forbes' story and her direction of it may seem too sunny for some. But she keeps us refreshingly off-balance throughout, by letting us in on her memories the way she recalls them.
  26. It's a short film, weighing in at 79 minutes, but that feels about right. You probably wouldn't want to spend a lot more time with these folks, no matter how intriguing their company. You won't necessarily enjoy the visit, not all of it. But you won't be bored, and for grown-ups with kids looking for a night out, that's something.
  27. Genisys is more entertaining than the last two installments, although it's not nearly as good as the first two.
  28. To the film's credit, it knows it's ridiculous. It's aiming for ridiculous, and it hits the mark as precisely as the strippers groove half-naked to their beats.
  29. After a predictable opening hour, Paradise Lost manages to deliver a surprise or two as it switches gears into a full-on thriller. But it never gets close to the epic heights to which it aspires.

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