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  1. In "The Player," Robert Altman carves up Hollywood with knowing, surgical precision. Cronenberg is a gifted filmmaker in his own right, but here he takes a meat-ax to the place. He gets what he's after but leaves quite a mess.
  2. Ultimately, At Any Price isn’t terrible, but you can tell that’s hardly the endorsement the filmmakers were seeking.
  3. The First Time sets out to be the thinking kids' teen sex comedy but misses the mark by failing its characters. [18 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  4. TRON: Legacy may well satisfy the fanboys who have waited almost three decades for its appearance. Enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day if you wait long enough they'll make a "Super Mario Bros." sequel, too.
  5. The club scenes, initially exciting, are ultimately wearying, and the movie meanders about much of the time.
  6. One of the joys of a good Brian De Palma film is his willingness to go over the top. In a film that isn’t so good, that excess becomes a lot less enjoyable. And Passion isn’t so good.
  7. Ted
    The one-note joke plays out longer and better than you might expect, at least for a while. But not forever.
  8. There is a fine line between silly dumb fun and out-and-out stupidity, and “Red 2” crosses it one time too many.
  9. It’s not as terrible as the premise suggests, thanks to some flourishes on Joseph’s part and an intriguing performance by Wes Bentley. Efron’s absurdly winning persona doesn’t hurt, either.
  10. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty just doesn’t work.
  11. The atmosphere is appropriately creepy, and there are some starts, if not outright scares...But it just gets stupid.
  12. A by-the-numbers romantic comedy as predictable as it is cloying.
  13. One of those message movies that never uses subtlety when a sledgehammer is handy.
  14. The Losers does a perfectly serviceable job of achieving its low ambitions.
  15. There's nothing particularly off-putting about the movie. It's all right. But neither is there anything especially compelling. In the context of this cast, another descriptive word comes to mind: disappointing.
  16. What an interesting failure Margaret is.
  17. Star power can cover up a multitude of shortcomings in a film. Turns out stupidity isn't one of them.
  18. In fact, the problem with the film is that, despite an excellent cast that includes Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy and Rupert Everett, it doesn't really know what it is. A little of this, a little of that and by the time it's done, it adds up to not much at all.
  19. Cash was the star, after all. Saul Holiff was an important part of that, but My Father and the Man in Black makes a rather clunky case for it.
  20. [Jennifer Aniston's] performance in Cake is rightly being praised as a dramatic breakthrough (no one doubts her comedic chops). She's really good. It's just too bad the movie does her no favors.
  21. The movie is a pretty humdrum affair when it focuses on humans, even when actors are playing characters based on real people.
  22. It's a competently made movie - in Jackson's hands it could hardly be anything but - yet rarely a moving one.
  23. Admission is pleasant enough. Even when off a bit, the talent of the cast assures that. But it’s still a disappointment. You might say it, ahem, doesn’t make the grade.
  24. Every third person on the planet will go to see this movie, and they will find exactly what they seek, nothing more but certainly nothing less. It's that nothing more part that ultimately disappoints.
  25. Redemption doesn’t have the chutzpah to let loose and be as dumb as it needs to be, so it instead bores the audience comatose with long stretches of sad-face Statham putzing around an apartment to justify the too-brief bursts of giddy bone-breaking.
  26. Even with the talent involved, almost everything about Labor Day plays less like something you’d buy a ticket to watch and more like something you’d buy in an airport bookstore to read.
  27. Rob Minkoff’s film has the generic feel of a kids’ movie that’s trying to please everyone. It’s not horrible. In fact, it’s agreeable enough. But nothing more.
  28. It's more thought experiment than film, and although it's laudable for its daring to be unlike any film you’re likely to have ever seen, it ultimately doesn't have more meaning to import than a well-photographed daily affirmations calendar.
  29. Grovic knows all the tricks of the trade, such as keeping the lighting dark (often too dark), in an attempt to add atmosphere. But in the end it seems like a series of shortcuts.
  30. This well-intentioned buddy-road-trip flick lacks the danger, the drama and the sex appeal that most moviegoers will be looking for.

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