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  1. It feels like a filmmaker’s exercise rather than an involving motion picture. Although you may never be bored with All Is Lost, you are rarely fully engaged.
    • 83 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The camerawork makes Mond's film lovely to look at. But whether you want to spend time with James White depends on your tolerance for yet another film about how hard it is for guys who just feel too much.
  2. The club scenes, initially exciting, are ultimately wearying, and the movie meanders about much of the time.
  3. It’s an assured debut from a rising star that nails tone and pace. It would be a solid summer thriller were it not grossly undermined by its astonishingly regressive treatment of its leading lady.
  4. If you can ignore the implausibility -- nay, the opacity -- of the plot, the film is wonderfully cinematic, with great photography, exciting editing, fresh camera angles and some impressive CGI.
  5. There's no question it looks fantastic...As for the story, well, much like the original Frankenstein's monster, it is a haphazard assemblage of well-aged source materials jolted back to life with new technology, but it isn't quite as sophisticated as one might hope.
  6. Interesting as it is, Narco Cultura aims to tell the story of what’s happened in Juarez and in Mexico (and, by virtue of its immense appetite for drugs, the U.S.). Instead, it feels more like a couple of intriguing chapters.
  7. The film soldiers on through a couple of possible endings, and if its real destination is never truly in doubt, Mbatha-Raw makes the trip interesting.
  8. As far as missteps go, Prince Avalanche is at least an interesting one, which is better than Green has done in awhile.
  9. The movie ultimately winds up falling between two stools, failing as both a biography and an action film. Martial arts fans will naturally be drawn to the story, but the film does nothing to open up the world to outsiders.
  10. In The Internet's Own Boy, writer-director Brian Knappenberger ("We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists") paints a portrait of Swartz as a martyr for the information age, but ultimately the story falls short of such mythic ambition.
  11. While individually some of the scenes are terrific, they don't add up to much, making Hail, Caesar! one of the Coens' lesser comedies, better than "Intolerable Cruelty," say, but nowhere near the genius of "The Big Lewbowski."
  12. It is clean, crisp and passionless. You almost wish for some Bravo sleaze to add a little edge to the proceedings.
  13. Less obvious is how his parents will react should Ravi break ways with tradition and confess his true feelings. Their struggle to maintain their sense of cultural identity in a rapidly changing world is far more moving than any grown man’s commitment issues, even when that grown man is as ingratiating as Ravi.
  14. In spite of the compelling raw material in the lives of its ostensible subjects, it strikes out as an act of storytelling.
  15. The performances are certainly compelling.
  16. An emotionally inert film that never pulls viewers into the spiraling web of deceit that the couple face.
  17. It's also a head-scratcher: How did a movie this stubbornly old-fashioned ever get made by such a trendy French director as Francois Ozon.
  18. Although the visuals are spectacular — a barren Colorado River looks like a landscape from a science-fiction epic — there's not much else here to grab on.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The road-trip comedy is well-traveled territory, especially in indie films. But there's something unexpectedly refreshing about Land Ho!
  19. The film is interesting and at times enlightening, but it's all over the map.
  20. Welcome back, Whit Stillman -- with Damsels in Distress, the hipper-than-thou club is back in session.
  21. No one wants to live in the past, but in The Peanuts Movie, the old stuff still stands up, while the new story is just flimsy glue holding the classic bits in place.
  22. In "The Player," Robert Altman carves up Hollywood with knowing, surgical precision. Cronenberg is a gifted filmmaker in his own right, but here he takes a meat-ax to the place. He gets what he's after but leaves quite a mess.
  23. It’s an admirable film, though not a particularly memorable one.
  24. Despite the lethal force that inevitably gets applied to poor Lisbeth, we never really fear for her safety, but we do fear for her future happiness. That is where the real drama lies.
  25. It’s a mix of good films that could have been a single outstanding one.
  26. Cate Blanchett gives a ferocious performance as the steely Mapes, and she mines some genuine emotion out of the material.
  27. It’s fun while it lasts, but ultimately forgettable, kind of like the people they stole from.
  28. The movie is not uninteresting, but a viewer isn't breathlessly waiting to see how things will wrap up, either. By the third act, you even start to get impatient with the characters. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement.

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