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  1. There are no winners here. Maybe that’s cynical, or maybe it’s true. But it’s a bleak and sometimes powerful message that Villeneuve delivers with blunt force.
  2. The reason to see it is the humanity the outstanding cast brings to the film. The emotions these people feel, the moments of grief, of anger, of love and of clarity they experience, feel both real and recognizable.
  3. The look of the film is jaw-dropping at times, beautiful to behold. If the story... can't quite keep pace with the look of the film (and, alas, it can't) it will take you awhile to notice.
  4. Gere is terrific. It’s a tough job standing out at a distance, especially when we have to make an effort to find you, but Gere always commands our interest and attention.
  5. Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett last worked together on You're Next, a ferocious film that is also intelligent. They're even more successful here.
  6. [Huppert's] remarkable. So, too, is Things to Come.
  7. A Romanian political allegory — in Romanian — might sound like tough sledding, but thanks to a searing performance by Luminita Gheorghiu, Child's Pose is anything but.
  8. It’s a uniquely affecting experience, and a uniquely affecting film. Cameraperson shows us the power of image as a tool of recording life, but also finds reasons that even in the worst situations, it’s still worth living.
  9. This isn’t a war movie; it’s an after-the-war movie. But the battle lines are still drawn, and every ragged breath the film takes braces for an explosion.
  10. It's not a great movie so much as it is great moviemaking. It's basically a potboiler genre film, a B-movie with big talent attached.
  11. Ernest & Celestine draws on plenty of classics, animated and otherwise, for inspiration, but the film manages to be delightful on its own offbeat terms.
  12. Blackfish is a disturbing movie, one that will make you rethink parks like SeaWorld and their value.
  13. There are some funny bits here, and younger comics like Sarah Silverman push the limits even farther; to the minds of some, they cross them.
  14. Captain Phillips is a voyage well-worth taking.
  15. In many ways Lady Macbeth is remarkable for what it isn’t. It isn’t a staid period drama. It isn’t romantic. It isn’t predictable. And it certainly isn’t comfortable.
  16. The Is the End is a different take on the R-rated comedy, a raunchy laugh riot that actually gives you a little to think about.
  17. These are characters for whom true belief in a cause has probably become impossible; they know how much that costs. Marsh does a compelling job of illustrating that for the rest of us.
  18. The love the two have for each other, particularly she for him, is obvious and moving. So, too, is not just the desire to create, but the need to.
  19. It’s well-staged, well-acted, all the right people die in the end. It comes down to, well, Romeo and Juliet, really, and Douglas Booth and Hailee Steinfeld prove capable in the title roles.
  20. What it lacks in thematic innovation it more than makes up for with enough memorable characters and visual splendor to make Zootopia a perennial Disney favorite.
  21. Beautiful Creatures rises above the rabble thanks to an eminently watchable cast and a sharp screenplay by writer-director Richard LaGravenese.
  22. A frenetic movie that combines a video-game sensibility with cartoonish, whacked-out violence. As with all good modern horror, one minute you're laughing out loud and the next you're covering your eyes. [19 Mar 2004, p.1P]
    • Arizona Republic
  23. You expect the big joke in Casa de Mi Padre to involve Will Ferrell mangling the Spanish language. Instead, the movie is funny because of just how commendable the actor's Spanish is.
  24. A Ghost Story may be the ultimate litmus test of where you fall on the line between artistic merit and laughable pretension.
  25. Although not everyone in the cast is as comfortable with the dialogue as Acker, for whom it seems natural, there is a clear love for the material here in every performance, in every shot. It’s not stuffy or remote. It’s fun.
  26. Checking in at nearly three hours and so full of passions and appetites, it’s impossible for it not to exhaust you.
  27. The film is fascinating in its exploration of the give-and-take between art and commerce.
  28. We’ve seen crusty old geezers with hearts of gold plenty of times in films. Here we see how this one got that way, and thanks to Lassgard and Holm, it’s a journey we care about taking.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The film begins with upbeat music and what appears to be a comedy-of-errors setup, but it becomes so much more, bringing us through dark territory with wit, anger and grace, becoming in the end a much fuller tale for it.
  29. A sharp turn on the romantic comedy, a movie about flawed people doing flawed things, often in funny fashion.

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