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1,208 movie reviews
  1. How much of this is actually funny is a question of taste, but even a confirmed Perry hater might get caught laughing once or twice.
  2. Freeman is back in Reiner's latest, The Magic of Belle Isle, which has all the pathos and saccharine of "The Bucket List" but little of the humor. It's earnest, predictable and disposable.
  3. It's big and it's loud, but ultimately not much more than that.
  4. A lot of talent comes up empty in Red Lights, a thriller that doesn't thrill.
  5. The film winds up being a collection of striking visuals without any emotional heft.
  6. The film is at its best when it focuses on real-life human drama rooted in character: failing marriages, crushing poverty, professional malaise. Davis in particular delivers as impassioned a performance as ever -- good enough that you wish you could airlift her character into another movie.
  7. Picture Alan Alda in the title role of "Dirty Harry," and you have a good idea why Tyler Perry playing a hard-edged cop in "Alex Cross" doesn't work. [19 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  8. For a movie that aspires to be heartwarming, it sure does inspire a lot of eye rolling.
    • Arizona Republic
  9. A greeting card set in motion, Chasing Mavericks cheeses up the story of real-life surfing phenom Jay Moriarity so thickly you could spread it on a cracker.
    • Arizona Republic
  10. Everyone would have been better off if the editors had just cobbled together a 90-minute blooper reel and called it a day.
  11. Safe Haven plays out less like a love story than it does a two-hour audition tape Julianne Hough commissioned to land a lucrative lip-gloss-modeling contract.
  12. The lyrical book is filled with touches of magical realism. On the other hand, the movie is sorely lacking in both magic and realism. It’s all very empty and blah.
  13. A popular topic for debate is whether television or movies are better right now. Movie defenders are not going to want to use Dorfman in Love to bolster their argument.
  14. If you’re just going to rip off the action movies of yore, why not rip off more of the good stuff?
  15. The movie, based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer of “Twilight” fame and directed by Andrew Niccol, is just kind of dumb. Like the more famous books and movies, about a love triangle between a vampire, a werewolf and a human girl, it often plays like a teenage girl’s idea of how literary romances play out.
  16. There is a lot of yelling and emoting and it all gets strident very quickly — as in, the first 10 minutes. Hogan keeps everything self-consciously quirky, with lots of bright primary colors all over the place, but it feels like wild overkill.
  17. Some of the imagery is memorable, in a twisted-horror kind of way. Zombie has no trouble scaring up atmosphere. But other scenes are ridiculous, unintentionally funny, particularly one he builds up to ominously, only to give us a silly payoff.
  18. It’s a juicy story squandered by the poor telling. It’s got all the trappings of a good ol’-fashioned Merchant Ivory pic — lush locales, exotic period trappings — but none of the soul.
  19. The elements are all there. They’re just thrown together in haphazard fashion. A funny scene here, an attempt at a touching scene there, toss, repeat randomly, the end.
  20. The ending is sick enough to make it almost worth the wait. Key word: almost.
  21. The dialogue is particularly bad, which is odd because the Duplass crowd typically excels at natural-sounding dialogue.
  22. It's an unnecessary movie, with some funny parts and a few callbacks to the original, as if visiting Las Vegas for a bit might bring back some of the original magic. It doesn't, but at least this time it seems like they're trying. A little, at least.
  23. The jolts are of the jump-out-from-behind-the-door variety; you can see them coming from a long way off, too. Shyamalan seems to no longer have the confidence to let audiences figure things out or the patience to allow them to.
  24. The Internship has some funny moments. The cast is too talented for it to come up completely dry. But for a movie about a place so filled with ambitious climbers, it is far too lazy.
  25. It’s a maudlin, meandering bit of moviemaking that sheds little light on the loyal opposition in the North.
  26. The Lone Ranger is a frustrating exercise in overkill, a kind-of, sort-of interesting idea buried in summer-movie excess.
  27. The gags are stale, the characters uninvolving and bits meant to titillate don’t.
  28. There are a few laughs here and there, along with a couple of jokes for grown-ups uncomfortably squeezed in. But this is a movie made for two groups: small children and people who have fond memories of the TV show.
  29. What makes mythology so great is its sense of danger, the threat of real loss. This version of “Percy” has none of that.
  30. Planes was originally scheduled to be released straight to video. Although the smallest children might like bits and pieces of it, there’s nothing in the movie that suggests why Disney strayed from its original plan.

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