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  1. Boyhood is not just a great movie, it's a landmark achievement in film.
  2. It's one of the best movies of the year, one of the best entries ever in the Way We Live Now oeuvre.
  3. Marielle Heller’s debut directorial effort is incisive and universal, despite its very specific and detailed setting.
  4. Inside Out is terrific, a mind-bending concept turned into a brilliant film, a return to form for Pixar not just in terms of quality but in taking risks — risks that pay off.
  5. Gosling is terrific, playing hangdog and irritable yet still managing to be someone you root for (even if you want to smack him in the head every now and then). Stone is even better. It’s her best performance, and that’s saying something. Their relationship, their chemistry, everything about it, and everything about La La Land is, well, magic.
  6. Moonlight is a minor miracle, a movie that mines beauty out of the ugliest situations, and a glimmer of hope from heartbreak.
  7. This is a wonderful movie.
  8. 50/50 is a tremendous movie. It's also a really funny one, which doesn't mean it won't make you cry.
  9. The resulting portrait is nothing short of a tiny filmmaking miracle. It’s guaranteed to make you feel something — hopeful, probably, for Grace and her wards. And maybe even for the future of indie filmmaking.
  10. A great movie, a look inside a world so foreign that it might as well be another planet, yet so universal that its observations are painfully familiar to anyone, anywhere.
  11. A genuine triumph, a great movie with astounding performances so natural, so genuine, that you forget it's a movie.
  12. What a great movie.
  13. Thanks to the nicely layered characters and a near-perfect mix of action and merriment, the movie feels wonderfully vivid and alive.
  14. The Artist is such an engaging, delightful film that, if you like movies, you will walk out of the theater with a smile. You just will; it's that inspired.
  15. The movie just hits the nail on the head: that sense that we're just going through life, trying to navigate it the best way we can in each moment. There are a lot of things to love about Truman — including the dog — but that could be one of its best and biggest attributes.
  16. Manchester by the Sea is a masterpiece in a minor key, an exploration of grief that never lets its characters — or its audience — off the hook. It manages this even when it’s funny, which is surprisingly often.
  17. Foster was born to this kind of role, rugged but soulful, and he’s outstanding. The surprise is Pine, giving by far his best performance.
  18. A great movie, an astonishing achievement on nearly every level.
  19. The acting is outstanding, the direction assured if straightforward. 12 Years a Slave is a history lesson of the best type. It’s brilliant. But, more crucially, it’s important. It’s brutal truth that demands to be seen.
  20. It is a remarkable achievement.
  21. Her
    Her is an outstanding movie, in part because of its originality, but also because of its execution.
  22. Wreck-It Ralph is smart, funny, sweet and sassy. And that's just Sarah Silverman's character... The movie is a treat for kids and the parents they drag to see it. Or maybe it'll be the other way around. Either way. It doesn't matter how you get to it. Just get there.
    • Arizona Republic
  23. The visuals are stunning, perhaps the most fully realized of any film.
  24. There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece; Daniel Day-Lewis' performance as a ruthless oilman is without flaw.
  25. It is particularly rewarding to see Clooney outside his comfort zone of self-composed cool in The Descendants, Alexander Payne's beautifully gentle, funny and moving film.
  26. Simply put, Argo is why we go to movies.
  27. Dunkirk is a great movie, both an old-time inspirational war epic and at the same time very much a Christopher Nolan movie.
  28. McCarthy and his brilliant cast make hard work and truth-telling inspiring.
  29. Birdman is a treat. But it's also more than that. It's a full-fledged wonder.
  30. The Tribe is that rare breed of film so masterful in execution it requires watching once, yet so devastating you may never be able to stomach seeing it again.

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