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1,136 movie reviews
  1. Slow, stark and sometimes surreptitiously beautiful, Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon is as cold and clinical an examination of evil as you could imagine.
  2. Terribly Happy must surely be the greatest Danish Western ever made.
  3. Polanski builds suspense slowly, exquisitely. It's not a matter of shocking the audience, although there are surprises, but of creating an ever-growing sense of dread.
  4. The film is a slice of life, and although nothing earthshaking happens, at only 75 minutes long, it never quite tries your patience either.
  5. A funny, heartfelt look at families, relationships and the lies that prop them up as much as tear them down.
  6. The feminist subtext should come as no surprise given Larsson's lifelong advocacy on social-justice issues, but it also is a refreshing slant on the familiar character dynamics of crime fiction.
  7. It's also perfectly content to be an insanely violent, funny take on an established genre. And in that respect, Kick-Ass lives up to its name.
  8. It seduces us with imagery and metaphor.
  9. Most of all, though, it's a welcome, offbeat look at a couple of originals, something that's in woefully short supply.
  10. What's breathtaking here is the scope of greed, corruption, arrogance and above all cynicism on display, not just regarding the system of government but the people it ostensibly serves.
  11. The humor here is on the dry side of zany, and it won't tickle every funny bone, any more than Mike Myers does, or - perhaps a more apt comparison - Terry Gilliam's tart filmic fantasies. But no matter what, you have to admit this mix of lowbrow humor and French erudition has a style of its own.
  12. As an encore for Brand's Aldous, it's a welcome return. And for Hill, it's a chance to really shine.
  13. A compulsively watchable look at Rivers.
  14. Although Jonah Hill has been sweetly, profanely funny in such films as "Superbad" and "Get Him to the Greek," in Cyrus he's a revelation.
  15. You can read Emma's affair and its eventual effect on Edoardo as an inverted oedipal thing, or perhaps as a metaphor for decadence, the embodiment of a family that subconsciously realizes it's in decline and must fight to warm its blood.
  16. Offers valuable historical, social and political context, particularly if you aren't an international-news junkie.
  17. A documentary that delves into what happens when the ghost stories you told as kids, the stuff of urban legends, seem to come true.
  18. It's outstanding work (Carell). It's also a really funny movie.
  19. Engagement with the enemy isn't a possibility here. It's a certainty. The unit will face fire daily, sometimes as often as four or five times. The stress is incredible, the courage displayed even more so.
  20. An intriguing look at the effects on one man's life; whether they're worth the cost is something Steinbauer leaves up to us.
  21. Mark Ruffalo, in just the right amount of stubble, grease and leather, plays Paul, about as cool an instant dad as a SoCal kid named Laser could hope for.
  22. A fanboy's dream come true, a smart take on a smart comic that actually looks the part, with performances that make it worth watching for the rest of us, too.
  23. Affleck is the center of the film. His Doug is, in some respects, rather like Affleck - the director of the elaborate heists, as well as a performer in them.
  24. An infectiously joyful Australian Aboriginal musical.
  25. It is affecting, surprising, heartbreaking.
  26. As the film comes to an end, more and more of "Blood Simple" is translated directly to China, even to the last drop.
  27. A quiet character study filled with damaged, insular people who live life in small increments, only occasionally exploding in emotion.
  28. Succeeds in portraying a life so solitary that, even when he knows what's going on, that's a deal Owen is willing to make.
  29. RED
    Red isn't a great movie, but it's great fun, and if that sounds like damning with faint praise, you take things too seriously.
  30. Damon's portrayal is perfectly understated yet powerful. It's also sneaky; you don't realize how invested you've become in it until the final act, when the characters' stories merge in what seems like too much of a rushed coincidence.

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