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1,208 movie reviews
  1. An infectiously joyful Australian Aboriginal musical.
  2. It is affecting, surprising, heartbreaking.
  3. As the film comes to an end, more and more of "Blood Simple" is translated directly to China, even to the last drop.
  4. A quiet character study filled with damaged, insular people who live life in small increments, only occasionally exploding in emotion.
  5. Succeeds in portraying a life so solitary that, even when he knows what's going on, that's a deal Owen is willing to make.
  6. RED
    Red isn't a great movie, but it's great fun, and if that sounds like damning with faint praise, you take things too seriously.
  7. Damon's portrayal is perfectly understated yet powerful. It's also sneaky; you don't realize how invested you've become in it until the final act, when the characters' stories merge in what seems like too much of a rushed coincidence.
  8. This film is a wonderful act of imagination on its own.
  9. It delivers its considerable moments of terror in the same way the original film did. But it does deliver.
  10. With a movie like this, trying to guess how it ends isn't the point. Enjoying the ride is, and on that front, Unstoppable delivers.
  11. A gorgeously shot, well-acted Western that resonates more the more you let it settle.
  12. The film is quiet, patient, allowing for lived-in performances that get at the enormous change in the characters' lives.
  13. Coppola's audacity in not only portraying the unmoored nature of Marco's life but immersing the audience in it proves satisfying over time.
  14. That's not a pretty story, of course. But it's a compelling one and, thanks to Wells and a cast that includes Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper, an entertaining one.
  15. It's Bardem's portrayal of his search for those answers that drives Biutiful forward.
  16. Whatever it is, Giamatti finds it and sells it. And despite a few dead ends with the story, I'm buying.
  17. Like a good episode of "Smallville": You may feel a bit silly watching it if you're past high-school age, but you just might have a good time.
  18. A really entertaining effort, aided by some terrific performances.
  19. An epic film about Algeria's fight for liberation from France, with three outstanding performances and a grand, sweeping feel.
  20. It's refreshing to see an animated movie that doesn't look as though the idea for the Happy Meal came first.
  21. Some of its conceits may not hold up under intense scrutiny, but, generally speaking, it's a good time at the movies.
  22. A celebration of sci-fi flicks, fanboys and good, old-fashioned bromance, Paul is a thoroughly enjoyable road trip.
  23. Manipulative, overly sentimental, sometimes ludicrous and almost completely irresistible.
  24. What's really cool about the film - in addition to Jake Gyllenhaal's performance as Stevens - is how Jones makes sure that we don't know any more than Stevens does, right up till the end.
  25. An unorthodox delight.
  26. The cast is uniformly outstanding, a pleasure to watch. It's a more toned-down role for the often-fiery McAvoy, and it suits him.
  27. Rio
    A sequence set during Carnival is equally engaging, with giant floats and throngs of people watching the parade. Several scenes are shown from the birds' points of view, which make for a dizzying, dazzling experience.
  28. There are lots of laughs - a commercial Spurlock makes for Mane 'n Tail shampoo is hilarious.
  29. Humor is the most powerful weapon deployed by director Kenneth Branagh in Thor, his rollicking take on the comic.
  30. There are laughs aplenty, some disgusting, some rather sweet, some both at the same time.

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