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  1. Unfortunately, stretching things out dilutes the charms of Segel and Blunt, which are considerable.
  2. There is nothing about Evil Dead as groundbreaking as Raimi’s films (particularly the first two). But it’s smarter and better done than a lot of what’s come since those movies were made, which is to say there is at least some thought behind the killings.
  3. The story, based on the Michael Connelly novel, grows increasingly far-fetched - at times it plays like an expensive pilot for a TV series, maybe a "Young Barnaby Jones" or something.
  4. The images are impressive. But the characters and their development leave something to be desired.
    • 48 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It's entertaining at face value, but they never let it be just that.
  5. Spare Parts is the kind of feel-good underdog movie that almost can't help getting waylaid by cliches.
  6. There’s a lot to be angry about. And though Rosebraugh shines a light on plenty of jaw-dropping corruption, it plays out like a shrill rallying cry without catharsis for the already initiated.
  7. Director McG proves perfectly adept at blowing things up in interesting ways, but there's not so much acting here as there is yelling at different volumes.
  8. It falls to Wright and Watts to shoulder the heavy lifting here, and they do so with as much grace as the plot will allow. Adore isn’t the feminist medication Fontaine probably means it to be, but it’s not the unintentional laugh riot it could have been in lesser hands, either.
  9. One can forgive the trying-too-hard aphorisms -- "You don't choose a life ... you live one" -- but savvy cinephiles are sure to be annoyed by Tyler Bates' hypnotic ambient-folk soundtrack, studded with such despoiled musical gems as Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" and the Shins' "New Slang."
  10. Ultimately, however, what prevents The Oranges from being the movie it might have been is Farino's inability to settle on a tone.
  11. This Footloose it's a pleasant reminder of the past for fans of the first one, and an agreeable-enough experience for everyone else.
  12. His (Borte) film would have been much better had it stuck to its guns as social commentary and not lapsed into a predictable, and predictably lame, love story.
  13. The Day is not a classic, not by a long shot. But it's not a disaster, either. With movies like this, that counts as a small victory.
  14. Geography Club almost makes up in good intentions what it lacks in technique and execution. Almost.
  15. A curious misfire, a stylized biography of one of the most powerful women in politics, portrayed by the greatest actress of our time, that asks more questions than it answers.
  16. Arlo & Julie is a comedy, a mystery and a romance rolled together, yet it barely adds up to one movie.
  17. What Cars 2 lacks is that moment the best Pixar films have, when parents and children alike stand slack-jawed with awe at something wonderful happening on-screen - when the films move beyond mere entertainment and become something more, something better.
  18. There's no question it looks fantastic...As for the story, well, much like the original Frankenstein's monster, it is a haphazard assemblage of well-aged source materials jolted back to life with new technology, but it isn't quite as sophisticated as one might hope.
  19. It’s not a bad movie, by any means. Just repetitive in its relentless praise.
  20. It's interesting to wonder how the film will age, given the short shelf life of technology. In two years all this might seem as dated as a dial-up modem, technology not nearly advanced enough to support the action here. But for now Unfriended lives in the moment, as do its characters.
  21. Neeson's performance is so eerie, in a buttoned-down sort of way.
  22. Genisys is more entertaining than the last two installments, although it's not nearly as good as the first two.
  23. Under the Electric Sky is a bedazzled (if not quite dazzling) 3D documentary.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    The road-trip comedy is well-traveled territory, especially in indie films. But there's something unexpectedly refreshing about Land Ho!
  24. Ultimately it's not the lives of the characters that need adjusting here. It's the story itself.
  25. It's funny enough, and Grace is an engaging actor, always making a good impression but never quite getting over the hump to become the star it seems like he ought to be.
  26. Although it's enjoyable, actor Chris Messina's directorial debut is somehow less than the sum of its parts, wading only through the shallow end of familiar human conflicts resolved too conveniently to satisfy.
  27. The rest of the cast is fine, actually, but Rudd spares nothing in making Ned a lovable loser, with the emphasis on "loser."
  28. It’s a mix of good films that could have been a single outstanding one.

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