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  1. A celebration of sci-fi flicks, fanboys and good, old-fashioned bromance, Paul is a thoroughly enjoyable road trip.
  2. Cash was the star, after all. Saul Holiff was an important part of that, but My Father and the Man in Black makes a rather clunky case for it.
  3. It’s a good movie about great heroism, and you wish it was more.
  4. The reason to see it is the humanity the outstanding cast brings to the film. The emotions these people feel, the moments of grief, of anger, of love and of clarity they experience, feel both real and recognizable.
  5. As the film comes to an end, more and more of "Blood Simple" is translated directly to China, even to the last drop.
  6. There are plenty of reasons not to like The Intouchables, but Omar Sy's terrific performance blows right past them.
  7. Humor is the most powerful weapon deployed by director Kenneth Branagh in Thor, his rollicking take on the comic.
  8. It’s aggressively charming, and competitions and training montages are filmed with kinetic whimsy. The film’s chief triumph is in spinning something remotely thrilling out of something as inherently dull as speed typing.
  9. Thanks to its cast, The Grand Seduction turns out to be, if not exactly groundbreaking, at least agreeable, comfortable fun.
  10. Adult Beginners is funny and warm and sweet enough without overdoing it. Again, it's not groundbreaking, but it shakes things up a little.
  11. Bright Days Ahead offers an interesting twist on the May-December romance.
  12. Ficarra and Requa never quite strike a successful balance between comedy and drama, making the whole thing feel a bit off.
  13. Director Susanna White keeps things low-key and absorbing, as the action moves from Marrakesh to London to Paris to Switzerland.
  14. If there is a common thread, it's that for all these people life is not a passive activity. They live their lives, largely in the ways they've wanted to, and don't just wait around to see what's next.
  15. Where this falls on your personal line between funny and abusive may vary. Either way, what makes the comedy work is that Bateman doesn't relent. Guy is, simply, a loathsome person.
  16. It presents Perry as a likable, hard-working artist, someone you root for, even if she's not on your iPod.
  17. Close's performance is a study in repression -- too much so, really.
  18. Fothergill and Linfield capture plenty of humor and drama.
  19. Southpaw is all about the fist. There’s no delicate footwork here, no lingering grace notes. It’s a film played entirely in power chords.
  20. It has a great voice cast, a kinda-sorta interesting premise and the 3-D is effective, but somehow it just doesn't add up.
  21. Burton reins in his worst impulses, bad habits that he’s been cultivating for over a decade, to make a wickedly dark children’s movie that is, finally, blessedly, fun to look at.
  22. It's a tired genre, one that would be greatly improved if, ironically, far younger actors showed the energy and command these two old hands do.
  23. The film’s focus is too easily distracted by celebrity and turns less documentary and more fawning love letter to an industry already in love with itself.
  24. There is nothing about Evil Dead as groundbreaking as Raimi’s films (particularly the first two). But it’s smarter and better done than a lot of what’s come since those movies were made, which is to say there is at least some thought behind the killings.
  25. Téchiné's fidelity to the facts delivers a disappointing denouement to an intriguing character study.
  26. Geography Club almost makes up in good intentions what it lacks in technique and execution. Almost.
  27. The look of the film is impressive enough, but the performances are merely OK. The same goes for the story.
  28. Bigger, louder and dumber than its predecessor, Iron Man 2 is still a lot of fun.
  29. What Cars 2 lacks is that moment the best Pixar films have, when parents and children alike stand slack-jawed with awe at something wonderful happening on-screen - when the films move beyond mere entertainment and become something more, something better.
  30. Horror comedies can be wildly entertaining -- "The Return of the Living Dead," from 1985, for instance. It sends up horror movies in hilarious fashion while still managing to be gross-out scary. The Revenant never rises to that level. Nor does it seem to want to.

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