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1,162 movie reviews
  1. Skeptical at first, perhaps a little embarrassed, but before you know it, you're having a blast.
  2. Still Mine is a rewarding, performance-based film, ultimately a small pleasure to spend time with.
  3. The Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic poke in the eye of our horror-movie expectations.
  4. An absurd amount of grisly fun, which is a good thing, since, looked at in any great detail, it probably doesn't hold up all that well.
  5. As cinema, Crime After Crime is nothing special. It would be perfect for a PBS "Frontline" entry. But it reminds us, once again, that little can be quite so riveting as a well-told story from a compelling talking head.
  6. In Bloom, whose title proves more and more ironic as the film goes on, is a fascinating snapshot of a country at war with itself (literally, eventually) as seen through the eyes of two teenage girls, whose lives are complicated enough as it is.
  7. As creepy as it is fun, and it's plenty of both, ParaNorman will delight fans of old-time horror movies.
  8. What makes the movie so good is Williams' absolute refusal to play along.
  9. Violette doesn't abandon that playbook, but it does a better job than most of putting the viewer in its artist's headspace.
  10. This is the rare movie with no one to root against, a film filled with good guys and weird guys (and gals), all of whom you hope find what they're looking for, even if you know that's not possible.
  11. Star Trek Into Darkness is a giddy homage to what’s come before it, but it also at least tries to go boldly where ... well, you know.
  12. Even if its stunted ambitions come as a disappointment, Pieta nevertheless is an expertly crafted thriller and a fine addition to East Asian revenge cinema.
  13. Bursts at the seams with wild creativity.
  14. 50/50 is a tremendous movie. It's also a really funny one, which doesn't mean it won't make you cry.
  15. It is just a tremendous amount of fun.
  16. It's very much an old-time moviegoing experience; the film could have been made in 1940, and that's a compliment.
  17. This is the kind of movie about teenagers that an adult audience should embrace. It's simply that good, and Stone is nothing short of wonderful.
  18. This is a challenging, brilliantly constructed film that, despite its patience and quiet tone, is engrossing from its first moments, especially an opening scene that encapsulates Jandal's poignant contradictions.
  19. Wreck-It Ralph is smart, funny, sweet and sassy. And that's just Sarah Silverman's character... The movie is a treat for kids and the parents they drag to see it. Or maybe it'll be the other way around. Either way. It doesn't matter how you get to it. Just get there.
    • Arizona Republic
  20. There is nothing erotic about it, nothing sexy, nothing but a brutish satisfying of carnal desires. Without an astounding performance from Michael Fassbender, it would be almost too painful to watch (and at times, too boring). With him, it's not exactly easy.
  21. In The Internet's Own Boy, writer-director Brian Knappenberger ("We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists") paints a portrait of Swartz as a martyr for the information age, but ultimately the story falls short of such mythic ambition.
  22. It is a quiet but intense and closely observed piece of work.
  23. Terri is almost an anti-teen-coming-of-age teen-coming-of-age movie. And it's terrific.
  24. Settles for simply being goofy good fun.
  25. A tremendously entertaining take on film noir, with all the usual elements of the genre in play - crime, death, possibly murder and doomed romance.
  26. Everyone in the film is good. Offerman and Megan Mullally (as the principal at Kate's school) do well in more-dramatic roles than we're used to seeing them in. Mary Kay Place is harrowing without meaning to be as Kate's mother. [25 Oct 2012]
    • Arizona Republic
  27. 22 Jump Street is, ultimately, a celebration of the silly and the sweet, a combination that's welcome again and again.
  28. Barsky’s film is light on biographical detail before Koch’s first term began, in 1978. That’s probably fitting. Koch obviously lived for the job.
  29. And now with Tangled, a delightfully fresh spin on "Rapunzel," the entertainment powerhouse delivers its first classic-caliber computer animation outside the Pixar family.
  30. Edge of Tomorrow repeats itself without being repetitive, takes itself seriously while providing some laughs and offers plenty of action without short-changing us on the intelligence front.

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