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5852 movie reviews
  1. Perhaps the more appropriate question to put to this remake would be "What the hell’s the point?"
  2. By film's end, you'll wish they tossed Allen in the rainforest and left him for the leopards to snack on.
  3. Paul Green seems more interested in what rock school can do for him than for the kids.
  4. Tamyra, Tamyra, Tamyra. I didn't recognize you at first!
  5. A wistful, humorous, but ultimately fluffy look at those halcyon days, before punk, junk, and the onslaught of the Eighties.
  6. Never transcends its clichés.
  7. Certain touches resonate and remain memorable long after the film’s conclusion – I’m talking to you, creepy robo-geishas – but for all its CGI bells, whistles, and Johansson, this simply can’t compare to its (highly recommended) Japanese forebears.
  8. It's a pleasant enough ride, certainly, but in the end it also has all the wicked emotional punch of Bill Cosby on Quaaludes.
  9. Adults may discover, however, that when they get to the center of this particular world, they find no real there there.
  10. The Exception’s line is not an easy one to walk, this marriage of soapy melodrama and real-world events, and with Courtney leading the parade, it’s destined for failure.
  11. Boasting a terrific cast, the movie is unable to parlay its abundance of comic talent into an abundance of original comedy.
  12. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate isn't as much fun as the director's previous film – the wondrous "Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame."
  13. There's just not enough real heart to go along with the cutesiness.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Corny and harmless, Conversations With God is a humanistic little movie with a real belief in the power of redemption and a positive enough message: “Love is the answer.” Or: “Go to your Godspace.” Whichever speaks more clearly to you.
  14. Stick around through the credits for an extra closing scene that leaves the door of Heather's new home wide open for a sequel.
  15. This is a strange movie (it feels like a lost episode of the old Leonard Nimoy chestnut In Search of …) about strange people doing strange things.
  16. It seems to me that since "Koyaanisqatsi" in 1982, for which Fricke served as the director of photography, every other film of this sort has been repetition.
  17. Sandler has become one of our primary symbols of the modern rage-repressed American male. Let’s hope that one day he will learn to channel that rage to greater effect.
  18. If you like the character – his tooty yellow Mini, his busily working beetlebrows, his tendency to point and grunt and eat shellfish whole – then you will be rewarded with 90 minutes of such.
  19. Daddy’s Home is one of those comedies that is not terribly good, but not nearly as terrible as it might have been.
  20. Will likely warm the cockles of your heart, even though it's hardly the stuff of great romance.
  21. It's hard, as a viewer, not to shudder in tandem with Lisa – this isn't a love match, it's two would-be motivational coaches swapping slogans.
  22. It’s clear this director sees carnage as nothing more than an opportunity for music-video production values.
  23. Aside from the ridiculous dialogue, of which there is much, and truly crappy CGI gore, of which there is even more, Survival of the Dead feels like the single weakest link in what is otherwise the strongest, smartest, and most transgressively revolutionary horror series in cinema history.
  24. A crowd-pleaser for the under-10 set judging from the preview audience’s reaction, Dunston Checks In offers a few funny scenes, one-liners, and characters, but not enough to inspire the entire film.
  25. Fascinating, no? Of course, that's just one (obvious) reading of Fast Five. You could also say it's a kickass demolition derby – pure dumb summer fun – and often easy on the (hetero) eyes thanks to the inclusion of Brewster and Mendes.
  26. Attack of the Clones' final 35 minutes very nearly makes up for the preceding 105, featuring as it does the jaw-dropping spectacle of the entire Jedi Council battling it out with not only clones, but also lumbering monsters, space ships of all sorts, and each other.
  27. When you get to the end of The City of Your Final Destination, you may discover that there is no there there.
  28. Enough already with the pointless gun battles that litter Safe like spent syringes in a shooting gallery. No matter how spastically you edit them, you'll never top John Woo's early work, or, for that matter, Sam Peckinpah's. Aim higher, even if it means fewer hits.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    While its characters attempt to go deeper, As Above/So Below’s stabs at scares and sentiment only seem that much shallower.

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