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4,929 movie reviews
  1. In the final analysis though, the only real thing being smuggled in National Security is unwitting patrons' admission fees.
  2. Just plain dismal, an inexplicable mining of old, mid-level programming that has all the raging excitement of continental drift.
  3. A tone-deaf dramedy whose need to please is a pain in the neck.
  4. The logic of it all will be Greek to anyone not predisposed to the movie's rude and crude humor.
  5. There's a bright spot in the form of Amy's publicist (screen veteran Aaron), a salty, whiskey-voiced lesbian; it's a pity the movie isn't about her.
  6. For all the swords 'n' sandals hoodoo that makes up the wilting backbone of Jonathan Hale's script, the Rock is, nevertheless, fun to keep an eye on.
  7. This was already tired stuff when cult fave "Sleepaway Camp" came out in 1983, and it’s downright comatose by now.
  8. It begins in a muddle and ends in confusion.
  9. The humor in this movie is basically anthropological notes on doper culture and behavior: junk-food frenzies, smoking rituals and hardware, non sequitur conversation, and short-term memory loss. In other words, stuff that passed into the realm of cliché back in the time of the Johnson administration.
  10. It's not quite as bad as "Cutthroat Island," I'll grant you, but it's woefully close.
  11. A storyline that makes less sense than the current state of tech stocks on the Nasdaq.
  12. Sad, sorry remake.
  13. Most folks are just plain bored -- and I mean cross-eyed, wall-climbing, deep-down-to-the-molecular-level bored -- with this ubiquitous Endearing Wiseguys school of movie comedy.
  14. Promises thrills galore but delivers only limp non-frights and predictable yawns.
  15. Near-unwatchable romantic melodrama.
  16. Get out your handkerchiefs. No, scratch that -- get out a pair of windshield wipers and staple them to your brow. Perhaps they'll obscure the screen.
  17. Meandering, sub-aquatic mess: It's so bad it's good, but only if you slide in on a freebie.
  18. Isn't much more than a self-indulgent picture about the feeble delirium of a lovesick girl -- lightweight stuff that labors to seem terribly important.
  19. The whole thing reeks of sequelitis, with an emphasis on the rude and crude.
  20. It comes off like so much poppycock -– to use the vernacular of the day.
  21. It’s all very nice to look at, sure, but pretty colors and molten intercoolers aside, 2 Fast 2 Furious is about as exciting as a Yugo in quicksand.
  22. In an inspired bit of casting, Lyle Lovett plays the dad of the goofy-looking Diz/Gil. That these two could be related might be the only believable touch in this whole misfired thing.
  23. Michael Lehmann's "Heathers" followed the same sort of story line to much better effect in 1989, and Clueless leaves you itching to race over to the video store in search of just that.
  24. The collective charisma of Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, and Rene Russo is the only reason to slap down eight bucks for this limp action/comedy, but then, it's difficult not to want to avert your eyes out of embarrassment for the trio.
  25. Dull and meandering documentary.
  26. A paint-by-numbers romantic comedy, but without the heart or laughs to make it work.
  27. Disappointing flop that is best left off your dance card.
  28. I came out of Beyond Borders with the gnawing feeling I'd just been subjected to some sort of ghastly prank, Punk’d by the director of "GoldenEye" with Lara Croft as his willing confederate.
  29. Enough already.
  30. Amid the endless stream of catch-a-rising-star movie clichés that Honey screenwriters Alonzo Brown and Kim Watson throw up and out are a few new ones, notably "skinny girls always win out in the end" and "hootchie bad, faux hootchie good."

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