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5284 movie reviews
  1. The revelation of Little Ashes turns out to be none of the leading men but rather Gatell, a riveting actress cast as the girlfriend who is mystified by Lorca’s lack of sexual interest in her.
  2. The real problem isn't that Anacondas is bad – it's just so bland, so unremarkable, so by-the-numbers, and so instantly forgettable that bad might be a step up.
  3. At its core the film is as standardized as the exam it seeks to debunk, and nearly as tedious.
  4. A hackneyed police story, rife with clichés, implausibilities, and weak performances.
  5. Not even the always reliable talents of McKean and Lynch can help pull this comedy out of its ironic slump.
  6. It dispassionately plays like a video game with a high body count.
  7. There’s little here to convince the audience of boy and girl’s special chemistry, and nothing to attach the audience to them, either.
  8. Lacks the bite that can equal the Bruckheimer bark.
  9. Torpedoed by its own overarching idealism -- the film targets the new star system, the media, the studios, digital technology, and pretty much everything else you might care to think of -- and not enough script to back it all up.
  10. The film itself is an effective enough metaphor for out-of-control bullshit that frankly, Koepp aside, was part and parcel of King’s novella from page 1.
  11. And next time around... show the courage of your lowbrow convictions and get back to the gonzo, unapologetically senseless mayhem that made this saga so much fun in the beginning.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Say what you will about comedian-turned-actor Cook, the man is a force of nature, a tornado of verbal gymnastics and physical contortions who will do anything for a laugh.
  12. The characters are mechanisms who move along the plot arc from Point A to Point B. They’re not particularly memorable individuals.
  13. The film squanders any potential it had to be a revealing look into female intimacy and instead uses broad-scale melodramatic strokes.
  14. Bratz is way too long.
  15. The kind of movie that gives "chick flicks" a bad reputation.
  16. Less a traditional martial-artistry marathon than it is an exercise in filmic frustration, lovely to look at by small degrees, but a mud-spattered mess of a movie overall.
  17. Molina and Weaver, who, most of the time, perform brilliantly, move through Abduction as if on autopilot.
  18. The jokes just aren't there, which makes it very hard for the stars -- who are trying very, very hard -- to really make a dent.
  19. Bait equals bad.
  20. This South Korean pseudo-epic is some of the most ambitious cr-- I've ever seen.
  21. I've had mosquito bites that were more passionate than this undead, unrequited, and altogether unfun pseudo-romantic riff on Romeo and Juliet.
  22. An awful lot of good talent has been squandered in this by-the-numbers film.
  23. Apart from the fang-restraint of the nosferatu, however, there's precious little that's altogether new or for that matter shocking about this by-the-numbers thriller.
  24. Another frivolous product of whiny male anxiety that's as funny as a sitcom but longer and more expensive.
  25. This crass and hugely dumb aliens vs. multiple earthling navies should thrill the hyperactive 10-year-old inside you. Adults, on the other hand – and especially genre-fan adults – will be bored to tears and wishing Bay (or at least Jerry Bruckheimer) had something of their own on the marquee out front.
  26. At best, Goosebumps is a who’s who in the Stine literary oeuvre, featuring characters who were terrifying on paper but rendered toothless here.
  27. Relentlessly dull and curiously bombastic.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    As Tim – a character rich in contradictions and psychological possibilities – Chittenden may as well be a cardboard cutout for all the emotional complexity he’s able to muster.
  28. Have we such short memories that we have already forgotten last year's feeble "Johnson Family Vacation?"

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