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4,903 movie reviews
  1. He is meant to be brooding, I think, but Tatum’s vague features read more “meathead” than anguished young lover. He has to carry the film, but he’s the least interesting thing going on here.
  2. As scripted by Craig Titley, this first in a presumptive franchise is a dull, scattershot affair that owes much to both "X-Men" and Greek mythology, but which never seems to slow down enough to make any sense whatsoever.
  3. An equally tired and wearisome buddy-cop movie that might as well be a forgotten leftover from the era of "Turner and Hooch." Now there's a film with classic Kevin Smith scrawled all over it.
  4. Even though She’s Out of My League ends exactly where you think it will, it does so without ever having actually gone anywhere at all.
  5. Consider this yet another nail in the Eighties coffin.
  6. The title, The Last Song, may be wishful thinking for some, but the best they can probably hope for is the close of the era of Hannah Montana movies.
  7. Could have used a touch of Madea’s down-home, self-reliant wisdom to spice up the marital doldrums of these four buppie couples.
  8. The problem lies with the unimaginative story premise and the quip/reverse quip dialogue that just may be better-suited to half-hour television shows than this nearly 2½-hour movie feature.
  9. The film goes by in a wash of uninspired action and unmemorable comedy.
  10. Pleasant but dull formula film.
  11. The resulting film makes Sam Raimi's "The Quick and the Dead" look like a stone cold neo-Western thoroughbred.
  12. It's an intermittently amusing parable about an outcast's ascension, as performed by a pack of digitally manipulated dogs. Next.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Not surprisingly, it’s better to just read the book.
  13. If there were any brooms in Disney's new Sorcerer's Apprentice they would have to be used to sweep this tired dreck to the curb.
  14. Although it's great fun for the under-8 set and for those of us monitoring the chaos theory that is Nolte's career of late, this film is otherwise mediocre and features some of the most uninvolving 3-D CGI since "Clash of the Titans" earlier this year.
  15. Going the Distance has a tin ear and sullied eye: Nothing sounds or looks very good.
  16. It pains me to say it, but Afterlife, the latest installment in this seemingly eternal zombie apocalypse franchise, is considerably more entertaining than George A. Romero's most recent exhumation.
  17. The 3-D angle is the only one I can identify to justify Alpha and Omega not going straight to DVD.
  18. Burlesque bumps and grinds. And then it continues to grind and grind and grind.
  19. Maybe taking a cue from his namesake dish, that much-maligned Scottish pudding concoction made with sheep innards and root vegetables, Haggis presents a mishmash of genres in this redo of Fred Cavayé's 2008 French film "Pour Elle."
  20. Fans of the series, if there are any left and I'm not too certain that there are, will enjoy the usual smorgasbord of lower intestines spilling out from the screen and onto their laps (via the profoundly crappy 3-D) as well as an above-average opening slaughter involving two men, one woman, several buzz saws, and a crowd of gawking onlookers.
  21. It's manic and wearyingly predictable, and as soon as it begins, you know exactly how it's going to end: with a hard, fast crash (and the requisite yakkety epilogue).
  22. It's confused and confusing, by turns hilarious and off-putting. In short, it's awfully hard to love I Love You Philip Morris.
  23. Gondry's update of vigilante crime fighter The Green Hornet's escapades is above all an exercise in frustration.
  24. West (Con Air) saturates his imagery in a sickly, sulphurous stew of rotten-egg yellows and oranges, making a mediocre picture downright repellent at times.
  25. Delivers sinister atmosphere but few shocks.
  26. "When you race with the devil, you'd better be fast as hell." (And you, angry driver, are not that fast.)
  27. The kindest thing that might be said of this Eighties nostalgia trip is that its formulaic plot and overall mirthlessness are meant as mimetic tributes to that blasted decade.
  28. Arthur overextends its welcome and relies too much on prop comedy.
  29. Deathbed scenes and colonoscopy humor, Bible quotations and Maury Povich "Who Is the Real Baby Daddy" episodes: All cohabit with equal relevance in the world of Tyler Perry.

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