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4,945 movie reviews
  1. There's little to recommend this movie, which is part and parcel with Marshall's schlock-dominated body of work.
  2. About as thrilling as cleaning out your garage.
  3. Like rocky road ice cream, The Rundown is chunky stuff, full of calories and easy to take in small doses. Also like rocky road, it’s bound to attract flies if you leave it lying around, and, more to the point, too much of it is likely to make you gag.
  4. Possibly one of the dullest takes on a real-life murder mystery, this gutter’s-eye-view of the waning days of Los Angeles porn king John "Johnny Wadd" Holmes is barely as interesting as one of the big man’s films, and a lot less revelatory.
  5. You don’t have to be a cynic to find Radio naive for suggesting that high school is a good place for emotionally fragile misfits, that racism is not a problem, that caring for someone is all it takes.
  6. The characters are mechanisms who move along the plot arc from Point A to Point B. They’re not particularly memorable individuals.
  7. Seems more like an amateur revue, perfectly all right for what it is, but not meant to be seen beyond an audience of friends and family.
  8. Learn from the Evers family: The Haunted Mansion is not worth the detour.
  9. By the time The Statement comes to its inevitable conclusion, you'll be hard pressed to remember much about it, sadly enough. In other words, The Statement doesn't make much of one.
  10. Everyone learns a lesson by movie’s end: Don’t put work before family. Curiously, no one learns that all this could have been avoided with a good method of birth control.
  11. It’s Brisseau's penchant for the flamboyantly perverse and the perversely flamboyant, however, that might have been best left secret.
  12. At its core the film is as standardized as the exam it seeks to debunk, and nearly as tedious.
  13. My advice? Grab Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine and recast with Jimmy Dean.
  14. Just as clichéd as its predecessor, and lacks the old-school charm of films like "Wild Style" and "Breakin’."
  15. Works just fine for the first half hour or so, but quickly devolves into a case of too much affection and not enough affliction.
  16. The worst thing about Bounce isn't that it's bad but that it just isn't interesting.
  17. Purportedly a seriocomic contemplation on a civilization that's lost its way, the movie jabs at America's fascination with its false idols without ever hitting its target.
  18. Another casualty of the uncomfortable branding so common to the teen genre, the same branding one sees in a film starring Hilary Duff, or Amanda Bynes, or the next sweet but bland blond actress that comes down the assembly line.
  19. The film itself is an effective enough metaphor for out-of-control bullshit that frankly, Koepp aside, was part and parcel of King’s novella from page 1.
  20. Bad as it may be, though, the film falls that one precious inch shy of being quite so awful that it achieves cult status; in short, it's just not bad enough to be any good.
  21. The emotions are turbocharged and the topic is eternally relevant, but that's not enough to save Two Girls and a Guy from being a whiny, snoozy bore.
  22. Spottily directed and lacking the dubious merits of even the Friday the 13th franchise, this is one slasher film that should die a quick and lonely box-office death.
  23. If Affleck stumbles, Smith's script does nothing to catch his fall. Surprisingly, Smith's truest talent – that of writing – is Jersey Girl's weakest link.
  24. Retains and updates the basic plot points while losing much of the original's heart and soul.
  25. This might not matter so much to the youngest members of the audience, but for anyone over the age of 10, it’s strictly a colorful bore.
  26. Posey and Sheen appear to have a blast playing oversized characters so obnoxious that it's obvious they belong together.
  27. It seems nothing is left out, and the movie makes us begin to feel as though we've witnessed every swing the man ever swung.
  28. There’s nothing especially offensive about the actress (Hudson); if anything, it’s that lack of offense, her overwhelmingly benign vibe, that has become increasingly repugnant with every picture she puts out.
  29. Franco Zeffirelli's contrived autobiographical film about his youth in fascist Italy has little social grace -- it's embarrassingly awkward, like a dilettante playing the doyenne.
  30. In short, there's nothing remotely real or appealing about it.

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