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Average Movie review score: 54
Highest review score: 100 A Prophet
Lowest review score: 0 Lost Souls
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5284 movie reviews
  1. Very nearly as entertaining as watching a potato bake.
  2. Unspeakably awful.
  3. A singularly distasteful campus romp.
  4. Kids will revolt, parents will snooze, and I will be downright giddy if I never encounter another Pokémon movie as long as I live. Ack!
  5. Not content to merely be lowbrow and stupid – there's room in the world for lowbrow and stupid mass entertainment – the film is pushy and might actually cause chafing.
  6. Listless, dull, and totally lacking in spectacle.
  7. It's a bad movie that only a parent could love.
  8. This dragon, sadly, is DOA.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    This movie is a mess: It keeps doubling back on itself – a twisting pretzel of a plot that doesn’t really make sense.
  9. Egregiously mediocre and flagrantly ill-conceived in every department, this is, truly, the cinematic equivalent of finding a single solitary Saltine in your stocking and a pair of old tube socks beneath the tree. Humbug!
  10. The Virginity Hit is repugnant.
  11. Trying to encapsulate the movie's storyline is not possible; it doesn't appear to have one.
  12. Drivel of the purest ray serene.
  13. It works not at all.
  14. “This is just like a video game,” observes rapper-cum-actor Ja Rule, taking aim during one of the myriad firefights that comprise this lunkheaded, vaguely dystopic actioner. Man, is it ever.
  15. How do movies this bad still get made?
  16. So lazy it's downright boring, something not even a naked Leslie Nielson (!) can salvage.
  17. This is a movie that should have bypassed the theatres and gone straight to DVD. It is offensive on so many levels.
  18. White is cast in this film as a “guardian angel” and adds another level of painful homosexual confusion and stereotyping to the film. Ultimately, all the chafing caused by Gentlemen Broncos is likely to leave you saddlesore.
  19. Utterly devoid of merit, fantastic or otherwise, a more exasperating descent into the feline world is difficult to imagine.
  20. The script is simultaneously boring and breathlessly busy, and it really gives Arquette a beating, as scene after scene subjects him to electrocution, dog attack, encasement in bubble wrap, public pantlessness, assault by the hearing-impaired, a fishbowl on the head, and gluteal paralysis caused by poisonous sea urchins.
  21. Eurotrash for the new millennium.
  22. The movie is nothing more than a perpetual chain of elaborately choreographed (by returning star Robin Shou) fight sequences that mix live-action foregrounds with complexly layered digital effects and are linked together by the most flimsy and laughable of plot elements.
  23. Functions mainly as a big-screen showcase for America's No. 1 teen tease, with the story and other characters serving mainly as accessories.
  24. Beverly Hills Cop III is made with so little spark, humor, and internal logic that it makes me better appreciate these other recent Murphy movies where the actor/comedian at least stretched his persona and attempted something apart from the action comedy mold.
  25. The only evolution in question here is that of Emmerich's skills as a director of motion pictures.
  26. The Punisher is such a bad film that it becomes inadvertently entertaining; it’s enough to make you pine for the original version of the black-clad Marvel Comics’ badass, played to awful imperfection in 1989 by Dolph Lundgren.
  27. It’s a lot like hearing the play-by-play account of a heated game of bridge. Only not half as gripping.
  28. Her mortal story seems one of sadness rather than inspiration.
  29. If you really want the kids to see a colorfully cryptic meta fairy tale, be subversive and go rent 'em some Alejandro Jodorowsky. No child deserves Happily N'Ever After.

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