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Lowest review score: 0 Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
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4,945 movie reviews
  1. Images seem to be grafted into the film that have little to do with the actual story.
  2. The whole production is simply as mediocre and half-baked as Hollywood gets.
  3. All we're left with is a second-rate J-Horror entry that bores rather scares.
  4. 10 times too much, a nonstop orgy of bullets, bombs, and booty that aims low and hits the bull’s-eye with enough firepower to sink the Bismarck.
  5. Roughly as entertaining as watching your neighbor's kid's soccer game, not because you want to, but because you have to.
  6. How much better this would have been had someone like Brian De Palma stepped behind the camera.
  7. In contrast to its great title, Mad Hot Ballroom is anything but: Let’s just say I was not spellbound.
  8. The Perfect Man is like Teen People come to life. It's perfectly PG, and it's probably not the worst thing a young lady could see, depending on your criteria. Cinematically, it's like watching your lawn grow.
  9. A stiff drink or maybe some pharmaceutical assistance might have made me overlook the film's sour tone, or the unremarkableness of its direction.
  10. If you like "Maxim," you will love The Island. It is glossy. It is expensive. It has lots of slick ads for Aquafina and Cadillac.
  11. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey isn't much of a trip. In a word...NOT!!!
  12. It's inoffensive and sports a positive "be yourself" message that’s obvious enough to be seen from space without benefit of hero-vision, but really, there's very little that's super about it.
  13. How can a movie narrated by Junior Brown and backed with wall-to-wall southern rock – a movie that at one point features co-stars Nelson and Carter tied together, surely a first in celluloid history – be so uneventful? Why, it's lazier than Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane's good-for-nothing hound dog, Flash.
  14. Like the infamous Japanese water tortures of WWII, Dahl’s film is a steadily mounting series of pesky nonevents paced with all the frenetic, action-packed verve of a wounded lawn sprinkler.
  15. The movie makes use of every avian pun possible, a pattern that becomes quickly monotonous and predictable, if not contagious.
  16. Less a movie than a longform, live-action Celebrity Death Match between its leads, this wheezing comedy may herald the death knell of the interracial buddy-cop farce.
  17. Derrickson's staid direction, coupled with Wilkinson’s sad-sack priest and a general air of dreariness make for a courtroom thriller that’s somewhat less apocalyptic than the "L.A. Law" episode involving the death of Benny's mom.
  18. As cold and unseemly as that stiff found in the shower.
  19. Isn't teen heartache confusing enough without adding into the libidinal mix a bunch of buff scullers nicknamed the Queerstrokes?
  20. Go for the gore (there's lots of it), but stay for the immortal line: "Now let's go find the body this arm belongs to."
    • 58 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    As a satire this film would be hilarious, but writer Robert Harling's ("Soapdish") script doesn't quite hit the mark.
  21. Phenomenon flails about in a search for direction: inspirational drama, romance, social study, government intrigue- nothing fits or is explored very deeply.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    As far as Pfeiffer's performance goes, she's got charm and pep to spare, but next to zero substance when it comes to exploring her character's particular hypocrisies and pretensions.
  22. It is funny at times – the teams for dodgeball break down into "popular" and "unpopular" – but Chicken Little is painful to watch for all ages.
  23. The script, by Adam "Tex" Vegas, ricochets between over-earnest romantic comedy staples and a noticeable lack of any consistent tone for Reynolds’ character.
  24. The kind of film that will be suitable for all-ages entertainment once the family runs out of conversation after devouring all the turkey, but it's unlikely to expand its audience beyond these captives.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    While the compelling Plowright competently flexes her well-trained muscle, the film's melodrama too readily evokes a Lifetime Original Movie rather than subtle sentiment.
  25. Manic energy is the term that comes most readily to mind when describing Ace Ventura.
  26. It's the snobs versus the slobs! And this holiday's no picnic!
    • 53 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    It's just raw, uncoated stupidity that sticks in your throat.

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