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  1. Feels sterile and chilly; the humor -- Yiddish and otherwise -- falls flat, and sadly so does the film.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Count it as one of the great Hollywood mysteries – right up there with the death of Natalie Wood and the career of Vin Diesel – that we've had to wait this long for a movie starring a talking milkshake, a floating box of french fries, and a ball of ground beef.
  2. Bruce Almighty attempts to blend both sides of the actor – comedic and dramatic – and while Carrey achieved that balance quite wonderfully in "The Truman Show," Bruce Almighty doesn't so much straddle the fence as impale itself on it.
  3. Looks mostly like the same-old, same-old.
  4. Law Abiding Citizen, ultimately and inappropriately, tips the scales in favor of the Man over mankind. Somebody call Charles Bronson.
  5. They’re not all hideous, the men who sit for interviews with a graduate student (Nicholson) and unload their dirty laundry. Sometimes they’re just feckless, or crass; some are even pitiable.
  6. A film that feels far too familiar for the likes of Wahlberg to juice up, hallucinatory valkyries or no.
  7. I like the declarative clarity, the strength of conviction in the title. I wish the movie itself bore the same certainty, or sturdiness.
  8. Viewers approaching Tim and Eric's comedy for the first time will probably be baffled by their popularity and success. Their Billion Dollar Movie will not win new converts, and their stretched-out routines demonstrate the old saw about less sometimes being more.
  9. Merry witticisms collide with empty clichés, leaving these characters with little trace of realism.
  10. The Five Senses, despite its good performances, is like looking through a filmmaker's sketchbook: strong outlines but little substance.
  11. A dodgy, hit-or-miss affair that never quiet seems to gel: too many lumpy bits, and not enough crème.
  12. The movie is utterly ineffectual as a techno-thriller.
  13. Knoxville, in his first dramatic role, does what he can with script and direction that aggressively eschew any insight into Kaufman's grief.
    • 26 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    With his new film (which he also wrote), Rudolph seems content to slap a flimsy film-noir plot on an unending stream of malapropisms and word games and call it a "screwball noir."
  14. Woo's mainstreaming his vision here, and though Windtalkers has its moments of precious, awful clarity, it can't hold a candle to the man's earlier blood-soaked balletics.
  15. The Big Year's biggest disappointment is its inadequacy in elucidating the passion of the birder. What ardency, and what an exceptional, impenetrable world they move in. I for one wanted a better look at it.
  16. Something of a snooze.
  17. A well-told tale that uses minimal dialogue, striking imagery, and vivid violence to weave a depressing portrait of obsessive love and a no-win battle of wills.
  18. Reeks of a filmmaker who latched on to sure-fire subject matter, but then became lost once his character morphed into a person.
  19. Ultimately, Elysium ends up with explosions, running gun battles, and summer non-blockbuster tedium. The outcome is never in question, and while Blomkamp has proven himself to be a master of sci-fi social commentary in the past, this dull wheel in the sky just lands with a resounding thud.
  20. The opening montage is a jazzy, grabby thing, artfully layering the kids’ auditions to mimic the frenzied pace of the day. But that freneticism never really goes away, nor does the staccato timing.
  21. Scatologically speaking, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is best described as one of those summer movie turds: It passes easily and then disappears with a single flush. It’s crap any way you look at it, though there are less pleasant ways to spend your time on a day marked by triple-digit temperatures.
  22. The film is as thin as a picture postcard.
  23. Unfortunately, there's little more than formula in Ichaso's El Cantante.
  24. Grace and Johannson's courtship has all the heat of a wet wipe and, worse yet, leaves Quaid offscreen for long stretches.
  25. It's a nice, friendly kind of love, but hardly an inspiring one.
  26. In between all the laughs and tears, it becomes painfully obvious that there's not a whole lot of story here to prop up the constant emotional yanking.
  27. Never a filmmaker known for his subtlety, The Single Moms Club turns out to be one of Perry’s most distinctive efforts.
  28. The whole thing still reeks of voyeurism -- and not the fly-on-the-wall voyeurism of a vérité doc, but rather the dirty-old-man-in-the-peep-show-booth kind. Might as well just wait for it to hit late-night cable.

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