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4,836 movie reviews
  1. With top-notch performances (especially that of Mortimer) and the gray of the Siberian wilderness providing an apt backdrop for the movie's gray zones of morality, Transsiberian is on a great track.
  2. Writer-director Byler, in his first feature film, also proves to be a noteworthy new voice, even if his cinematic sense outweighs his narrative sense in this initial outing.
  3. Sweet enough but in the end a bit of a corny-syrupy wipeout, this is middling family-night fare, but it never even comes close to the emotional or technical wizardry of Pixar's finest moments.
  4. It's a wealth of material at odds with a scant running time and shallow focus.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    I Served the King of England, like its hero, is surrounded by and infused with the potential for meaning but feels like a lark: a bit of nothing whistling past the graveyard of 20th century European history without a thing to do but indulge itself.
  5. The best Scorsese we've seen in a decade.
  6. Doesn't break any new ground in the baseball movie playbook. However, it does bring it all back home with the assurance of seasoned pro.
  7. In this instance Egoyan's hereafter is a pale imitation of his yesterday.
  8. Ms. Elliott's film is, in part, an effort to reverse his slow slide into obscurity. On this level it's an unqualified success.
  9. The magnificence of the film's pieces does not quite add up to a satisfying whole.
  10. Thanks to the superior performances by all four leads (including incredibly expressive Karoline Eckertz, who appears as the teenage Regina midway through), Nowhere in Africa is a meditation on everything from race and class and cultural impermanence to the inexhaustible malleability of youth.
  11. So many things come together so beautifully in this movie based on the life of John Forbes Nash Jr. that you're likely to find yourself willing to benignly overlook its occasional biographical lapses and narrative sweetening.
  12. Director Francis Ford Coppola, who established his towering reputation with an adaptation of another pulpy pop novel, hasn't exactly uncorked another The Godfather here.
  13. The film's conceits may be a bit too contrived and conventional, but nothing about these characters' interactions are forced. Your Sister's Sister is a welcome guest.
  14. You can tell that everyone's whole heart is in this project, you just wish that a little more of the heart was conveyed on the screen.
  15. Equally harrowing and heartrending, Shame is a film that feels akin to going into battle, and I for one didn't emerge unscathed.
  16. It is a rewarding tale for public educators, parents, and kids with big dreams.
  17. At 134 minutes, Crazy Horse could have used some judicious editing, but that relatively minor quibble aside, it provides a revealing and intimate look (as if there could be any other kind) at an institution both familiar and utterly alien.
  18. Gordon-Levitt already proved in last year's "Mysterious Skin" his captivating command as a dramatic actor; with Brick he further demonstrates his remarkable dexterity and range.
  19. Death and the Maiden is a streamlined razor-ride of a movie: taut, riveting, and a psychological horror show that will leave nail-marks in your palms for days afterwards.
  20. But by the time this imperfect little film wends its way to one of the most winning exit lines I've heard in a long time, it's turned into something, well, perfectly lovely.
  21. Why remake Norman Jewison's staunchly cool 1968 heist film in such a lackadaisical, uninspired manner?
  22. It doesn't have the bite to be satire, the pratfalls to be broad comedy, or the wit to pass as a comedy of manners. What does that leave? The French cinematic equivalent of motivational coaching, and -- just like Pignon -- something spectacularly unspectacular.
  23. There's more at work in this gorgeous and affecting picture than simple culinary sex appeal.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 78 Critic Score
    Flat out, Air Guitar Nation (winner of the Audience Award at South by Southwest 06) is a damn good time.
  24. Mangold, Phoenix, and Witherspoon, all excellent in their roles.
  25. Though the story is thinly conceived, Antal throws a fantastic curveball in the second act. Kontroll is a hot ticket.
  26. Terri has a kind of lumbering grace that's intriguing to watch yet ultimately unknowable. That's both the originality and the frustration of this movie.
  27. Rather than providing a foil for Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation" or embodying the mostly silent model for the painter Vermeer in "The Girl With One Pearl Earring," Johansson actually has to emote prodigiously here, and she is just not up to the task.
  28. Unique to a fault, Sound of Noise is a daft police procedural, an absurdist comedy, a piece of metaphysical agitprop, a music-performance film with a bit of story attached, and/or none of the above.

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