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1,999 movie reviews
  1. De Niro and Stiller combine to bring on laughs you don't have to feel guilty about.
  2. Well-paced, scathingly funny satire of the fashion industry and its eminently lampoonable pomposity.
    • Baltimore Sun
  3. Taymor conjures images that are as indelible as they are wordlessly articulate.
  4. This is Mitchell's show, and his performance lives up to his triple billing as writer, director and star.
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. Viewers impressed by the fairly standard martial-arts action of "Crouching Tiger" will really be wowed after seeing this film.
    • Baltimore Sun
  6. What a relief to see a movie in which an audience responds with peals of laughter to subtle facial shifts as well as punch lines.
  7. The movie is, to borrow Rob's phrase, unassailably cool.
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. Greengrass and his tremendously smart and emotionally agile lead actor, James Nesbitt, paint their portrait of a good politician without illusion or sentimentality.
  9. A dizzying - sometimes frustrating - marvel of moviemaking instinct and ingenuity.
  10. The conventional and the cliche are slam-dunked in favor of a fresh, authentic take on passion, ambition and coming of age.
  11. Hard to take in its particulars.
  12. As the sequence builds, it accretes so many heroic and nightmarish associations it plays like a prelude to apocalypse, which of course will come in Episode III. Attack of the Clones is part soda pop, part witches' brew - and all visual ambrosia.
  13. The only thing missing from this rich production is an emotional charge, which Highsmith could create on the page but which Minghella doesn't quite capture on screen.
  14. Captures the feel of a first-rate comic book. It puts the pop back into Pop Art: It blows viewers away with a blast of kinetic energy.
  15. It's every bit as thrilling and engrossing as the best spy thriller or cop flick.
  16. An unconventional and engrossing French thriller.
  17. An unrelentingly dark vision that's as hard to watch as it is impossible to walk away from.
  18. There's a dignity to Mondays in the Sun that manages to keep the film buoyant, helping to keep all the despair at bay.
  19. Screwball farce, romance, domestic tragicomedy and literary frolic rolled into one.
  20. Unsparing and uplifting - a wickedly difficult combination to pull off, but one that gives the film an emotional weight that's impossible to dismiss.
  21. Hannibal isn't art. But for filmgoers with a taste for the absurd and a tolerance for the blackest of black humor, it's one heck of a thrill ride.
    • Baltimore Sun
  22. One of the year's most unsettling -- and perhaps most illuminating -- films.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. A computer-animated burlesque fairy tale that generates more belly laughs than any live-action comedy since "Best in Show."
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 54 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    The whole plot is a shambles. And yet none of this matters much when you're laughing as hard as this film makes you laugh.
  24. It's a documentary about acknowledging genius, about just desserts, about artistic muses that refuse to give up. It's about great camaraderie and great music.
  25. Dense, ironic and thoroughly engrossing caper melodrama.
  26. A snarling satire of Hollywood single-mindedness and its lack of any moral underpinning.
    • Baltimore Sun
  27. It's a zombie flick that moves -- no stumbling, staggering living dead here -- in an atmosphere that feels like a Gothic docudrama, and it's freaky beyond all reason.
  28. A joyful celebration of spirit and endurance.
  29. L’Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Hotel) is unexpectedly entertaining because it captures the point in young adulthood when life is unseriously serious, or maybe seriously unserious.

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