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2018 movie reviews
  1. The animals in Road Trip are pretty hilarious; as a five-minute short on cable TV's "Animal Planet," this film would be a stitch.
  2. What can you say about a film where Carmen Electra's performance is one of the high points?
  3. The only way sober adults will keep awake is wondering how the lead mobsters on "The Sopranos" -- who also are amateur film critics -- will rank the movie next year on HBO.
    • Baltimore Sun
  4. Aimless and unfocused.
  5. Excruciating...The movie proves to be singularly unfunny and static almost from the non-get-go. Virtually nothing happens; the movie is all premise.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    A raunchy, remorseless "Curious George."
    • Baltimore Sun
  6. Life as a House mounts a brutally insensitive attack on its audience's sensitivities.
  7. Smith appears to have poured his creative energy into the cheerful come-on of the title and left nothing in reserve for the movie. He fails to wring any memorable comedy from shoestring porno filmmakers because his own filmmaking is just as amateurish and slovenly.
  8. Oh, this is all so terribly not good.
  9. So witless it wins most of its laughs when Czech-speaking characters spout obscenities that get translated into English subtitles.
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. To top it off, the ending is a clumsy cheat. Of course, I was rooting for the news gal to expire and the film to die a quick death.
    • Baltimore Sun
  11. Collateral Damage isn't jingoistic; it also isn't exciting. It's a depressed rabble-rouser.
  12. What's more annoying than the screenplay's relentless assaultiveness is its odd, sordid cuteness.
  13. This chick flick never should have made it out of the incubator.
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. Bottom line: Juwanna Mann is a drag - in every sense of the word.
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. By the end, Pootie Tang feels as long as Kevin Costner's "Wyatt Earp."
  16. Too bad you can see this sort of thing done more amusingly every week on ABC-TV and Comedy Central.
  17. The whole narrative is too hollow and rickety as well as gimmicky for Muccino to breathe much life into it.
  18. Here's hoping your own dreams of Africa are more interesting -- and better acted -- than this movie.
    • Baltimore Sun
  19. The movie is a monument to egomania - and I don't mean Alexander's.
  20. The Dukes of Hazzard may mark some sort of nadir when it comes to movies made from TV shows. It's an overlong, under-thought and numbingly one-dimensional extrapolation of a TV show whose pleasures were, at best, marginal. See it at your own peril.
  21. Equilibrium doesn't tread softly on our dreams; it tramples them.
  22. Fanaro's script never really hones in on the concept's potential.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. The Emperor's Club is a beautiful fraud -- as gracefully proportioned as a Christopher Wren academy, yet as devoid of content as a prep-school promo film.
    • 19 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Gummo is one of the most repellent cinematic efforts in recent memory. Whatever small audiences it attracts -- and they will be drawn mostly by the prospect of watching something "shocking" -- will wind up leaving the theater in a state of disgust. [21 Nov. 1997, p.5E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  24. If this version had been called The Poseidon Adventure, audiences could have sued for truth in packaging.
  25. Bride Wars has possibly the worst comedy idea since "Springtime for Hitler," with almost no room for redeeming camp.
  26. The best reason to see it is Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee.
  27. The collateral damage of action products like Ballistic is to the sensibility of the audience.
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. This film isn't the most awful comedy of the year (that would be Bride Wars or New in Town), but it may have the grossest antihero.

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