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2018 movie reviews
  1. A strictly by-the-book sequel: It doesn't cheat series fans but it doesn't offer many thrills or surprises or lingering puzzles, either.
  2. To Pellington's credit, the performers eschew sentimentality.
  3. A film not nearly as intriguing as it should have been, centering on a death that isn't nearly as intricately fascinating as the filmmakers think. Exacerbating the problem is a cast of actors who seem too self-consciously playacting.
  4. Features lots of cool dialogue but doesn't provide much of a movie in which to showcase it.
  5. The movie lives and dies on the energy of stepping.
  6. It's Cheadle's rich emotionality and sense of humor that have gone seriously missing in Traitor.
  7. Cameron Crowe crams at least three movies' worth of plotlines into Elizabethtown, and gives short shrift to all of them.
  8. In "Jaws," you didn't know whether to laugh or to scream. In The Host, the yocks rarely mesh with the yucks.
  9. As social commentary, Fun With Dick and Jane wears Leno-thin. As a big-screen sitcom, it's a procession of hit-or-miss touches that cancel each other out.
  10. It's sad that with everything it has going for it, this movie plays like a tall tale -- something too good to be true.
  11. Besides offering the giddy pleasure of seeing Mia Farrow play a demonic nanny, there's not much to the film that a repeat viewing of its earlier incarnation couldn't provide.
  12. Even a superstar needs to surround himself with better material than this.
  13. Kate Beckinsale is too good for any of the guys in Snow Angels and too good for this movie. Her inventiveness exposes just how puny this movie is.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    The narrative is engrossing enough, but it diverts from what is strongest about Traveller, its title characters. [2 May 1997]
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. Misplaced hero-worship and glibness get in the way of its amazing true story.
  15. Disarming, discombobulating and disappointing.
  16. The Sentinel moves quickly and never becomes a bore. It does become something of a cartoon, though, which proves a major letdown for a movie that aims for something far more intelligent.
  17. As a documentary, the film is woefully underdeveloped.
  18. Cache is the feel-guilty movie of the new millennium.
  19. It's absolutely the classiest big-screen version of chick lit we're ever likely to see. But it still has all the lasting flavor of a Chiclet.
  20. The film ultimately is a letdown, leaving too many questions unanswered and ending in a gesture that doesn't really solve anything.
  21. Caught up in its own macho symbolism, Jarhead fights a losing battle to show the human cost of warfare.
  22. They put the material on lifts - and end up tripping into TV dramedy land.
  23. Other than portraying Mary as an overwhelmed teenager, mystified that God has chosen her to be the mother of his child, it doesn't offer anything that hasn't been playing out in grade-school pageants for decades.
  24. All this might be forgivable if Just My Luck had a little more substance, but it never moves beyond the single joke of its premise.
  25. Notes on a Scandal isn't humorous or witty enough to sustain black comedy, and it isn't insightful or deep enough to suggest a contemporary tragedy. All it does is put an eloquent veneer on petty meanness.
  26. It's like a breeze so slight it doesn't leave a tickle.
  27. You never get the sense that the director, Peter Segal, knows where the funny is, whether in his star or in the story.
  28. Unfortunately, the waste of artistic possibilities dwarfs the human wreckage - and the human salvage - in Freedomland.
  29. It lacks even Tarantino-esque vitality. It moves more like a busted concertina.

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