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2023 movie reviews
  1. If any man should be more than the sum of his parts, it's an artist. But Todd Haynes' I'm Not There makes Bob Dylan less than the sum of his parts. It's like a tony art-school parlor game.
  2. Knowing offers mumbo jumbo on an apocalyptic scale.
  3. The movie could use less romantic boo-hoo-hoo and more Bunuel: It's engaging whenever Bunuel acts as ringleader or troublemaker, even when he's blustery and piggish.
  4. In a boxing soap-opera way, Eastwood is trying to do for himself as a performer what Sergio Leone did for him in a spaghetti-western way: douse his rough-hewn banality with reflected emotional coloration.
  5. Rarely has appalling, reckless behavior been so soporific as in Savage Grace.
  6. The most grievous flaw in Richard Linklater's remake of Michael Ritchie's 1976 misfit juvenile baseball comedy The Bad News Bears is that it over-relies on Thornton's willingness to play an irredeemable degenerate.
  7. Fitfully thrilling.
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. Painfully boring.
  9. The movie is mainly geared to putting new twists on what John Hughes comedies used to call "sucking face." It will satisfy Meyer's devotees.
  10. The Missing is so dour it makes you wonder why they didn't all just pack up and go back East.
  11. The whole cast is good. It's too bad all that good work isn't in service to a better, or certainly more original, script.
    • Baltimore Sun
  12. Paycheck is one of those movies in which all the ingenuity went into the original idea and none into its execution.
  13. So minimalist that you wouldn't miss much if you watched semi-awake and listened to a friend's running commentary.
  14. Confetti overdraws on an audience's generosity.
  15. Despite the tenderness between them, Rose and her perfect younger man have the sickest mother-son relationship since Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey in "The Manchurian Candidate" - and Mikey seems just as brainwashed.
  16. The credits list a couple of dozen medical and scientific consultants. What this film really needed was a script doctor.
  17. Ed
    About on the level of an After School Special put together by people in a real hurry to get on with their lives, Ed plays pretty dead for all except the very dumb at heart.
  18. The Legend of Bagger Vance is nothing but "The Natural" with Will Smith playing the bat.
  19. The movie's not nearly as cool as the setup.
    • Baltimore Sun
  20. Think you know where this film is going? You do, and the best thing about Must Love Dogs is that it takes only 88 minutes to get there - short enough to enjoy the film's modest, well-worn pleasures, but not so long that you feel your time could have been put to better use elsewhere.
  21. The Banger Sisters stands as proof that no movie is so bad it can't be redeemed by a single stellar performance. That performance is by Susan Sarandon.
    • Baltimore Sun
  22. Eventually becomes cliched, predictable and crude. And that's a real sin.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. Lovely to look at and listen to but doesn't reward any closer study.
  24. Analyze That is no surprise, and pleasant is about the most you can say for it.
  25. The Reader is ponderously self-important and smugly Socratic, brimming with unfinished sentences and pregnant pauses; if a single character would only say what he thinks, the movie would be over in 30 minutes
  26. At two hours, The Chronicles of Riddick is way too long for ridiculous.
  27. This depressing look at love isn't quite worth enduring.
  28. Imagine a Three Stooges short with a feel-good ending, and you get the idea.
  29. There's a wonderfully funny and relentlessly cute 45-minute cartoon within The Powerpuff Girls Movie; unfortunately, it's padded out with almost as much filler.
    • Baltimore Sun
  30. Whale Rider is one long, sensitive downer capped by an uplifting finale. A martyr fantasy that turns victorious -- it's a surefire recipe for arthouse crowd-pleasing.

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