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2018 movie reviews
  1. How much adorable can one person take?
    • 75 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    If you change the course of history, the world will experience a different kind of chaos. That's a time-honored movie cliche. Terminator 2: Judgment Day chooses to go against that philosophy, noisily and with some monotony.
  2. Those who come to the movie cold will find it an exasperating assembly of brutal pedantry and whimsies, boasting far less charm or grace than even the first Harry Potter picture.
  3. Any chance to generate atmosphere or sustained comedy and melodrama goes down the tubes, often literally.
  4. Eastern Promises is intensely anti-dramatic.
  5. Like an over-packed three-scoop cone -- it melts into a mess while we're still slurping away.
  6. Plays like a remake - not of "Knights of the Round Table" (1953) but of director Antoine Fuqua's previous "Tears of the Sun" (2003).
  7. Signs of fatigue are all over the film itself.
  8. The movie is so determinedly lightweight that it floats above the fray, stopping only for the occasional mild chuckle.
  9. There are the gadgets and the effects. But Cats and Dogs definitely could have been more fetching.
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. From the start, this movie sets the bar high -- then, unfortunately, runs smack into it.
    • Baltimore Sun
  11. Even if Scream 3 lacks the punch and verve of the first two installments, it manages to wring some ironically metaphysical comedy from the movie-within-a-movie motif.
  12. In Robert Gordon's script, Handler's hilariously literate bouts of psychological torture develop no consistent tone, voice or momentum.
  13. It's a promising concept, albeit melodramatic, but what keeps the movie from halfway working is its infernal preciousness. [03 Sep 1993]
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. Auto Focus is a gutless wonder.
  15. More palatable than "Norbit" but equally uninspired, Murphy's benign, pedestrian Meet Dave mostly gives us "Mr. Ed," with a bit of Crazy Eddie mixed in.
  16. Murray is very funny in the early going when his irritation-shtick is allowed full play; when he turns doughily benign in the late going, he's much less interesting. [17 May 1991]
    • Baltimore Sun
  17. It's actually surprising that Chan is as engaging as he is. He's a canny performer in a canned-goods movie.
  18. This movie is genial, forgettable piffle about the perhaps-beginning of a maybe affair. It's a romantic daydream so slim that it barely leaves the requisite sweet aftertaste.
  19. The blend of chic histrionics and ultra-bright daylight imagery make much of the movie resemble a network soap opera with an on-location interlude. It looks as cheap as life is held in Medellin.
  20. Great casting ideas, like Glenn Close and Christopher Walken as "the King and Queen of Stepford," don't pay off, because the filmmakers' increasingly desperate twists alter the basis of the characters.
  21. Proves that marionettes can be as foul-mouthed and profane as their cartoon counterparts, but not nearly as clever.
  22. Sin City is a seedy tribute to rugged masculinity disguised as a rogue's gallery, all the better to please college boys who like their sentimentality slicked with grunge.
  23. Maybe the best way to see Serendipity is to take a cue from the characters and wait a few years.
    • Baltimore Sun
  24. Frequently fascinating, it never builds into anything profound.
  25. There's no character to root for in this movie, no potential triumphs or resounding failures, just the sense of people going through the motions because they can't bother to think of anything better to do. And that's not a lot to hang your moviegoing hat on.
  26. What makes the film work better than its nearly unbearable cuteness suggests is the casting of Christopher Walken as the son; the movie has yet to be invented that Walken can't improve simply by showing up.
  27. Has its heart in the right place, and could have been an insightful rumination on corporate shortsightedness and mid-life obsolescence. Instead, it's another one of those Hollywood films whose feel for the workingman's life seems to come exclusively from other movies.
  28. In Spy Kids 2, Rodriguez tries to hold his family-spy saga together with the digital equal of rubber bands and chewing gum.
    • Baltimore Sun
  29. This movie asks us to "accept the good" in life - not a bad message. But to overpraise Things We Lost in the Fire would be to accept the mediocre.

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