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2,000 movie reviews
  1. Phone Booth may not be awful, but it's puny.
  2. The movie annoyingly waits until the end to reveal the names of those experts who have been doing all the talking; it would have been nice to know these folks' qualifications first.
  3. Borders on poppycock.
  4. When the women are onscreen and their relationship is on display, Head Over Heels trips merrily along. But every time the focus shifts to Prinze, the film suffers from a bad case of fallen arches.
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. Shallow and one-sided.
  6. It should come as no surprise that the dogs are as cute as caninely possible. But is it conceivable that, once you've seen 101 adorable dogs, 102 seems redundant?
    • Baltimore Sun
  7. Bullock is so good, working hard to pull off the transition from grief-stricken wife and mother to reluctant time traveler, you want to pull for her. So it's possible - not easy, but possible - to overlook the script's inconsistencies.
  8. Too bad Dreamcatcher amounts to a pastiche of better films like the original "The Thing" and both versions of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." It ransacks the audience's memory warehouse.
  9. Even in a world where stupidity mixed with cliche is all too often mistaken for humor, this movie barely meets expectations.
  10. Yet it's pretty in all the wrong ways: pretty slight, pretty preachy and pretty affected.
  11. Should sell its soul for a joke.
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    On the plus side, there's plenty of dry Canadian wit, a handful of songs and only occasional bits of nudity.
  12. Find Me Guilty flat-lines early.
  13. As a franchise, the James Bond series needs its stomach stapled.
  14. There's much more than a little Stifler here. Still, there's a recklessness to the character, as well as Scott's performance, that almost engenders respect; he's so determinedly unregenerate, so outrageously lewd, so unrelentingly grating, one almost looks forward to seeing just how far he'll go.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The performances of Bell, Walters and Lewis make this movie worth seeing - as long as you silence your cynical side and bring some Kleenex.
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. Divided We Fall has a lot going for it, but its Places in the Heart ending, sentimental and incongruous, helps ensure that it will not find a place in a demanding audience's heart or mind.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Designed to shock and rock the viewer with disturbing imagery, the film misses the point once too often.
  16. Arthur and the Invisibles tries way too hard.
  17. Outside of a strong (and largely misused) cast and an abundance of moody atmosphere, there's precious little to recommend this exploitative mess.
    • Baltimore Sun
  18. Still, it's hard not to long for the Pooh stories of old, those endearingly anarchic little tales that captured the wonder of a child's world without ever once condescending to it.
  19. Overpublicized and underbrained,Basic Instinct is a bitter disappointment, worth maybe a 10th of the hype that the media have so obligingly ladled out for its benefit.
  20. To its credit, Heartbreakers lives up to expectations. Almost.
    • Baltimore Sun
  21. If you feel yourself glowing after Love Actually, you might be suffering from sugar shock.
  22. Girls Will Be Girls thinks watching outrageous people acting outrageously is its own reward. It isn't.
  23. The word "yuppie" has fallen out of favor from overuse, but Closer's young urban professionals are so vain and superficial they may bring it back as the ultimate putdown. This movie is a yuppie nightmare.
  24. Character-rich, but plot-poor.
  25. Benefits from an amiable chemistry between Harrelson and Banderas, and Davidovich always makes a good tough-as-nails dame with more smarts than any man will give her credit for.
  26. The problem isn't the history that the filmmakers leave in, but how much they leave out.
  27. When Crews is onscreen, White Chicks is a film that fears nothing and no one. When he's not, it's a film too tentative and soft-hearted to scale the farcical heights to which it aspires.

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