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2,000 movie reviews
  1. The whole narrative is too hollow and rickety as well as gimmicky for Muccino to breathe much life into it.
  2. Here's hoping your own dreams of Africa are more interesting -- and better acted -- than this movie.
    • Baltimore Sun
  3. The movie is a monument to egomania - and I don't mean Alexander's.
  4. The Dukes of Hazzard may mark some sort of nadir when it comes to movies made from TV shows. It's an overlong, under-thought and numbingly one-dimensional extrapolation of a TV show whose pleasures were, at best, marginal. See it at your own peril.
  5. Equilibrium doesn't tread softly on our dreams; it tramples them.
  6. Fanaro's script never really hones in on the concept's potential.
    • Baltimore Sun
  7. The Emperor's Club is a beautiful fraud -- as gracefully proportioned as a Christopher Wren academy, yet as devoid of content as a prep-school promo film.
    • 19 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Gummo is one of the most repellent cinematic efforts in recent memory. Whatever small audiences it attracts -- and they will be drawn mostly by the prospect of watching something "shocking" -- will wind up leaving the theater in a state of disgust. [21 Nov. 1997, p.5E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. If this version had been called The Poseidon Adventure, audiences could have sued for truth in packaging.
  9. Bride Wars has possibly the worst comedy idea since "Springtime for Hitler," with almost no room for redeeming camp.
  10. The best reason to see it is Kate Bosworth as Sandra Dee.
  11. The collateral damage of action products like Ballistic is to the sensibility of the audience.
    • Baltimore Sun
  12. This film isn't the most awful comedy of the year (that would be Bride Wars or New in Town), but it may have the grossest antihero.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    "This Is Spinal Tap" was brilliantly funny. Death of a Dynasty? Well, the movie is just dead.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The One is all sound and fury, and nothing else.
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. A brain-dead buddy-movie tearjerker with semi-tasteful romance and tasteful gore mixed in with the derring-do.
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. Bomback's script is the worst thing a thriller can be - a flip-flopper, using quick character changes for plot twists. And Langenegger's direction rarely sustains a mood or tone, only a sleek veneer of luxury and knowingness.
  15. Kids will get antsy, wondering why their favorite characters disappear for long stretches of the film, while adults will wonder just when this scattershot approach to storytelling will congeal into something resembling coherence.
  16. Nothing in this film -- even Robin Williams, alas -- is funny.
  17. With its incomprehensible plot, flat visual style and indecipherably mixed messages (violence is good; no, wait, violence is bad!), this movie seems chiefly to be an excuse to sell even more trading cards.
  18. An awful film about an awful time.
  19. Taxi's only saving grace is an inexplicable, though delightful, turn by Ann-Margret as Andy's ever-tipsy mom. She's a stitch, and about 100 times better than her surrounding material.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The script is drippy, humor-free and old-fashioned:
    • Baltimore Sun
  20. Dramatically, it's a ghoul's parade of grieving folk finding solace and then danger through a tenuous connection to the after-life.
  21. This is a movie for genre fans only; there's not an aspect to it that should appeal to the rest of the world. It's neither original nor inventive, and while its young cast works hard, there's not even a standout performance worth recommending.
  22. A hackneyed psycho-sexual thriller with enough awkwardly executed Hitchcock references to qualify as a bad DePalma knock-off.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. The film is so busy that every minute is exhausting. It's as if the filmmakers were idealistic teen-agers afflicted with a group case of Attention Deficit Disorder.
  24. Ghost Ship would have been so much better if they'd just let the ship do more of the acting.
    • Baltimore Sun
  25. Most of the film simply wallows in gangsta hyperbole - it's all bling bling, bang bang.
  26. Solondz is still stuck in an adenoidal whine.

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