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  1. Here's a series that has a strong cast, great writing and what could prove to be an enlightened exploration of body and self image.
  2. This is social satire, and Grier's job is to make a mainstream audience see race and power in new ways. That often involves shock.
  3. Don't ask how or why, but it works
  4. Crews is complicated, moody and downright strange most of the time, but in the hands of a talented team of writers and producers, it results in a drama that is funny, edgy and multilayered.
  5. A comedy with lots of charm.
  6. The resonance of this drama with our lives today alone makes it worth a look.
  7. The Sheen persona wears thin after a while, and Jones is just another kid actor with a goofy-sweet face. But what could make this sitcom fly is Cryer. He injects Alan with a manic energy that literally lifts the pilot into a higher comic gear each time he begins to catalog or rant about all his anxieties and fears. [22 Sept 2003, p.1C]
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. It's romantic, sentimental, sometimes stereotyped and, in the end, a great showcase for the considerable talents of Martin. [2 Apr 1994]
    • Baltimore Sun
  9. There is nothing as original in Side Order of Life as the metaphysical puppet, but there is enough promise to return for a second week - to see whether Jenny is wise enough to learn from the pain.
  10. The banter between Perry and Whitfield... is dazzling enough to make one forget the pilot's storytelling sins.
  11. Viewers who can get past the uncertain dialects and a few cartoonish supporting characters are in for a real treat.
  12. Ugly Betty has high spirits, camp, couture, charm and heart.
  13. Think Ocean's Eleven (2001) meets HBO's The Sopranos.
  14. This is the bottom line: If you give this series three hours, you'll start caring about these characters, and that's no small accomplishment by the writers...But, during that time, the series more often feels like a network soap opera than it does a serious, groundbreaking drama. [2 Dec 2000, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 62 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Those unschooled in the ways of Washington may have trouble following some of the political machinations and plot nuance, but there's no mistaking passion when you see it.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The clever conceit is mostly successful in the series' opening episodes. But having it both ways has its costs, making Samantha smart and serendipitous, but never truly great.
  15. As entertainment, the pilot is a most impressive work of economic and focused storytelling.
  16. Despite being so derivative, it is brimming with promise. [21 Mar 1995]
    • Baltimore Sun
  17. Without a Trace is an engaging and resonant adult drama, which means it is just the kind of series that should rate a rave, except for one thing. There is a decided drop in quality between the pilot and episode two. [26 Sep 2002]
    • Baltimore Sun
  18. I have no major complaint with this Fugitive as an act of filmmaking imitation. I just wish they had tried to emulate the spirit of the original and re-imagine this "Fugitive" in a way that made it connect as vitally with America today as the original connected with America in 1963. [6 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  19. "Soul Food" has its share of soap-opera moments and predictable story threads. ... But the moments in "Soul Food" that bode best for the series' future are the ones that don't try so hard, that show the Josephs struggling to remain a family despite the forces pulling them apart. It's moments like those that give their story strength and should keep viewers anxious to find out what happens next. [28 Jun 2000]
    • Baltimore Sun
  20. It has genuinely funny moments... [but] the biggest problem with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is the unevenness of the improvisation. [13 Oct 2000]
    • Baltimore Sun
  21. While the police story line has never been stronger, the first seven episodes made available for preview contain nothing that matches the emotional power and sociological insight of the show at its best--namely the classroom scenes from Season 4.
  22. All in all, it's a pleassant enough series. Just don't think too hard about it, or it will deconstruct into psycho-goofiness before you get out the door of the Talmadge Institute and onto the first case.
  23. [It has] a tick-tick-tick pace almost as intense as that of 24.
  24. An example of television getting it right. The themes -- teen angst, coming-of-age, puberty, loneliness, intimacy, connection and lack of connection to parents -- are skillfully woven into an engaging story line that reinterprets the 63-year-old mythology of Superman for a new generation...There is a major downside to Smallville -- the acting is pretty bad. [16 Oct 2001, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  25. While the action genre and, indeed, Friday nights on Fox, are most targeted at young men, particularly adolescent males, I have to admit I kind of like Firefly. I'm not sure, though, whether that says more about my level of maturity than it does the series' potential appeal to older viewers. [20 Sept 2002, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  26. Those viewers who can come to terms with Joey's voice will find themselves richly rewarded by the powerful performances of Tucker as Tommy Donnelly and Olivia Wilde as Jenny Reilly.
  27. This is a series with tremendous potential. The first hour of "Wonderland" is nothing if not intense, but next week's episode packs less punch. [29 Mar 2000]
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. It is not the greatest half-hour pilot I've ever seen, but it is mighty impressive in how much storytelling it compresses and how many cultural buttons it manages to push in 22 minutes. [26 Mar 1999]
    • Baltimore Sun

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