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129 tv reviews
  1. "Ally McBeal" is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it is bona fide quality TV. [8 Sep 1997]
    • Baltimore Sun
  2. I am not yet ready to say The Middle is a great sitcom, but it sure seems in synch with the mood of middle America today.
  3. Overall, the pilot for "Cop Rock" has too many flaws to be called great television. But it is daring, exciting and innovative television -- with moments where music and drama meet to touch the heart in ways television all too rarely does.
  4. Think The Fugitive meets Beverly Hills 90210 done dark and brooding.
  5. If you like that kind of Elmore-Leonard-wannabe dialogue, you'll probably like McBride a lot. [31 Jan 1995]
    • Baltimore Sun
  6. Stiller may not be enough to save this pack of wrongheaded cliches, but it will be fun watching him try. [21 Sept 1998, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  7. Mackey is right where I left him years ago: again facing a disciplinary hearing that might mean the end of his career. As The Shield starts its seventh and final season, maybe it is time to say goodbye.
  8. While it doesn't work for me, I'll bet many of the WB's teen viewers who have just finished watching "Dawson's Creek" are going to love it. The girls will feel empowered; the boys, who have been lusting after the three, will be entertained by the violence and havoc they can generate. [7 Oct 1998, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  9. Push, Nevada is not a terrible series in any way, shape or form. In fact, it's fairly entertaining. But what I absolutely hate about it is how desperately hard it tries to be Twin Peaks. [17 Sept 2002, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. His team is formulaic - and that's not a good thing. Omar Epps plays neurologist Dr. Eric Foreman. He's African-American, and even though he had great medical school grades, House says he was chosen for his "street smarts." Jennifer Morrison is immunologist Dr. Allison Cameron, and, while she is beautiful and brainy, in the second episode, she acknowledges some sexual issues. Jesse Spencer, as intensive-care specialist Dr. Robert Chase, is from the WASP world of old money, but nothing he says or does in the first two episodes offers any social-class insights. [16 Nov 2004, p.1C]
    • Baltimore Sun
  11. Karen Sisco isn't a great drama. For one thing, much of the dialogue is too tough-guy wooden to believe. [1 Oct 2003, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  12. So it's up to LaPaglia to assume the mantle of leadership. And talented as he is, he's no Benzali. [10 Oct 1996, p.3C]
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. That's Life has a good message and great cast. But if it wants to last, it's going to have to lose the professor, settle on a single voice, and do it fast. [30 Sept 2000, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. While Traffic: The Miniseries is definitely not in a league with its predecessors, there are still a number of things to like. [26 Jan 2004]
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. My Name Is Earl is not a stupid sitcom - that is what makes its sexist and homophobic jokes so maddening.
  16. Old Christine is more fun than Watching Ellie. The question that remains is whether it will be funny enough for viewers to finally leave Elaine behind.
  17. If one is looking for a TV drama that earnestly tries to reflect and speak to our lives and times, it would be hard to do better than Sleeper Cell.
  18. Luis is part of a noteworthy change in the way ethnicity is depicted on network TV. In that sense, if no other, it is worth a look. [19 Sept 2003, p.1E]
  19. Too many characters quip too wise, but San Giacomo has a nice way with a line, David Spade plays a good unctuous photographer and Segal is his normal exasperating self. [4 Mar 1997]
    • Baltimore Sun
  20. Spin City is television as culture, and I am not sure whether a show like this merely plugs into the cynicism already in place in our country or creates more and more of it by making it seem like the hip, in-the-know way to be.[17 Sept 1996, p.]
    • Baltimore Sun
  21. Slight but likable. [7 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  22. Instead of life-affirming laughter, we get an occasional ironic chuckle in NBC's version of The Office. It's a comedy that offers only escape instead of insight into our workaday lives. [24 Mar 2005, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. As the lead, Simon Baker is too one-note smirky for me.
  24. That is profound stuff--if only the series did a better job of capturing it. The idea that all he has to sell is himself is an interesting one intellectually, but it doesn't play very well onscreen.
  25. The problem with the pilot is in tone. Self-important and silly but optimistic and sweet is a hard mark to hit week after week.
  26. Frontloaded to high heaven or not, it was still a solid premiere. Now, that bad news: None of the standard building blocks of the show seemed that impressive on their own--so that when you tried to imagine the show without an overload of starpower and star-drama, it didn't seem that exciting.
  27. Cute, but frothy, and not nearly as charming as it thinks it is (or as the movie was). Rachel Blanchard tries as Cher, but she's no Alicia Silverstone...This one could grow on you, but I doubt it. [20 Sept 1996, p.8E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. Not surprisingly, Crash, the TV series, does not measure up very well against the film in terms of atmosphere and acting.
  29. Borderline over-the-top moments threaten the sense of verisimilitude usually expected in prime-time drama.
  30. There are just too many problems with the lead character and writing for this to ever become a PBS staple like "Inspector Morse" or "Miss Marple" had been.

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