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  1. But it's going to take more than two or three minutes of near-art near the end of each hour to keep this series on the air. [29 Sept 2001, p.2D]
    • Baltimore Sun
  2. The problem is, at the end of the pilot, one simply doesn't care enough about Jay and Tyler to go on the lam with them each week.
  3. I suspect Olbermann could build it out exponentially. But for that to happen, Gore or someone is going to have to rein Olbermann in on reckless and self-indulgent attack segments like the last one with Moulitsas.
  4. I watched the pilot three times, thinking I'd get used to the timer. But each time, I found myself looking at the timer more than I did at Ellie. And, I'll tell you something: for the first half of the pilot, I liked the timer a lot more than her. And I'll tell you something else: the timer is only one of several things I hate about the pilot. [26 Feb 2002]
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. While the story line speaks to loneliness and celebrates community belonging, the episode ultimately feels as flat and superficial as a mass-produced holiday greeting card.
  6. The Eric character and his sort-of girlfriend, Donna (Laura Prepon), do provide a few sparks of interest in this ensemble of dumbed-down teens, but it's not enough for me...Fox calls the series "retro hip." I think it's retro dull. It probably seems a lot funnier if you are 16 and smoking pot. [22 Aug 1998, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  7. I like Williams as an actor, always have. But he can sink to the level of those around him, and I'm not too sure about the kids in this drama -- Vivien Cardone as his 9-year-old daughter Delia, and Gregory Smith as his 15-year-old son, Ephram. On the other hand, who knows with kids anyway? They could get better in a hurry. The writing also has a tendency to go a bit gooey in the middle. [16 Sept 2002, p.1C]
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. While the series created by Shonda Rhimes brings some outstanding performers like Amy Brenneman and Audra McDonald back to weekly TV, tonight's season opener is not very appealing.
  9. But as perfect as Leary is in some ways to play the wounded and angry working man in midlife crisis, it is a one-note act...Leary is simply not an actor capable of other notes, let alone nuance. Anyone who saw him in the ABC cop series "The Job" has seen this character.
  10. Neither Meloni nor Hargitay is a great actor, and both are guilty of overacting here...The limited range of each is suggested by their over-reliance on one or two basics moves. Meloni purses his lips and bugs his eyes out to tell us he's intense and/or getting mad. Hargitay runs her hand through her hair to tell us she's stressed. She does the hair thing so many times tonight you fear she'll have pulled all her hair out by midseason. [20 Sept 1999, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  11. The only way it will strike anyone who has seen HBO's "The Sopranos" as extraordinary is in how extraordinarily tame it is.
    • Baltimore Sun
  12. Annie Potts (who's OK, but no Michelle Pfeiffer) is a teacher so good, so strong, so committed, you wonder if she's vulnerable to kryptonite. She also inhabits a fantasy world where she's able to stare down gang members and nonchalantly plant a kiss on the cheek of a sleeping student (wonder what the school-system lawyers in B'more would say). [30 Sept 1996, p.6D]
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. Let's not kid ourselves, this is mainly escapist entertainment fare.... I'm sorry, but I cannot feel good about watching a drama that celebrates--yes, celebrates--one class of people oppressing another.
  14. At times, The Apprentice seems like one long Trump commercial. [7 Jan 2004]
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. The problem isn't as much with DeVito and Reynolds as it is the ensemble to which the actor and character are added. [29 Jun 2006]
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 65 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    What worked so well in short Daily Show-sized bites wears thin over a half-hour program.
  16. Even granting lots of leeway for opening-night nerves, this was a pretty bad beginning for the Saturday Night Live alum.
  17. In all but one or two cases, if I were seated with one of these people on a plane, I'd ask to be moved next to a crying baby or a drunk. What CBS has done here is cast this house with people who resemble the stock types we have come to know from prime-time sitcoms and dramas for 50 years. [6 Jul 2000]
    • Baltimore Sun
  18. The show is vulgar, adolescent and sexist -- and seems proud of it. [18 July 2004, p.2F]
    • Baltimore Sun
  19. HBO's Recount fails. Invented dialogue and actions attributed to real-world figures play side by side with, and are indistinguishable from, verifiable actions and events that took place in Florida in 2000.
  20. If only Green had not made such a cold, bland stew of such rich and tasty ingredients.
  21. The result is a silly, one-dimensional cartoon of a family that I am guessing viewers will start tuning out before the half hour ends.
  22. It's all about superficial glitz: Pretty to look at, but utterly devoid of real dramatic meat on its bones. In the pilot, Duhamel's character is sleeping with Big Ed's flirty daughter, and Big Ed doesn't like it. I could care less. [22 Sept 2003, p.1C]
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. Are you ready for a new fall network series--even a lame one?
  24. Last week, I complained about NBC's plan to turn its 10 p.m. hour over to Jay Leno five nights a week. I take it all back. If this is the alternative, Leno can't arrive soon enough.
  25. Big talent meets weak script and every TV crime cliche known to prime time.
  26. I swear I have no idea what The Guardian is supposed to be about. But I don't think the producers or CBS do, either. [25 Sept 2001, p.3E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  27. According to the laugh track, this is one seriously funny half-hour. Obviously, it knows something I don't. This isn't a sitcom, or even a comedy with a plot; it's a series of mostly lame one-liners. It's a comedy that mistakes smirks for laughs. Bet you don't even crack a smile. [9 Sept 1996, p.6D]
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. It's hard to figure where the makers of "Third Rock" believe they went right. The humor never rises above high-school-lunchroom level, and even then it's not over-the-top enough to make it very appealing. The actors are talented enough -- Lithgow and Curtin certainly have nothing left to prove, and Gordon-Levitt seems to be that rarest of finds, a young actor who knows about timing. What they're doing in this mess is one of those questions for the ages. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Baltimore Sun
  29. The university setting is intended to lend some intellectual weight to all the sexual imagery and conversation, but the road to mediocre TV drama is paved with such disingenuous intentions.

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