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2018 movie reviews
  1. The story is without an original thought, the characters little more than caricatures (unappealing ones, at that) and the filmmaking so uninspired that it's hard to imagine anyone embracing it with anything more than a shrug and a wonder why they didn't wait to catch it on TV.
  2. 17 Again errs not only by covering such well-trod ground, but also by doing so through a main character - played by a game but ill-served Zac Efron - who's about as dense as they come.
  3. Misfires on nearly every possible level.
    • Baltimore Sun
  4. Ends up neither fish nor fowl. It's a misanthrope's "E.T."
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. What kills Max Payne is that the characters think and feel in slow motion. Half the time, mentally, they're just running in place.
  6. The low points in this movie aren't just catastrophic: they're bewildering.
  7. In this movie, when the honeymoon is over it's really over.
  8. To his (Snipes) credit, there are few other stars who could breathe a degree of credibility into a film like The Art of War.
    • Baltimore Sun
  9. Sttrictly movie-of-the-week stuff. And not very good stuff, at that.
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. A mistaken message is a price a filmmaker pays when he tries to load weighty themes like the cycle of violence on an overgrown boy who scoots around on a bicycle.
  11. At some point the foul language, lascivious sight gags, references to sex toys, violence against animals and cruelty toward children simply ceases to be funny.
    • Baltimore Sun
  12. The best thing about Black Knight is when it finally says goodnight.
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. Will pop your eyes without tickling your funny bone.
  14. Giamatti provides those small moments of triumph that Duets pretends to celebrate but instead stifles with its sense of superiority.
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. It's not hell, but limbo, junior high-school style.
  16. Never makes the Jordans' tribulations feel like anything more than yuppie angst.
  17. It's a mishmash of "The Bridge on the River Kwai," "From Here to Eternity" and "The Great Escape," with everything complex and entertaining siphoned off.
  18. Movie lite, a clueless, formulaic paint-by-numbers comedy.
  19. The result is as flat as a year-old beer commercial.
  20. All the characters are writ in broad strokes, making it impossible to sympathize with, much less relate to, anyone.
  21. As shallow and manipulative a movie as any that come to mind.
    • Baltimore Sun
  22. A listless, disjointed collegiate opposites-attract comedy.
  23. However you pronounce Bythewood -- I assume it's by-the-wood -- his work here is strictly by the numbers.
  24. It has graceful layers and folds and a nice swing to it, and Jackson moves superbly in it. Unfortunately, I'm talking about the kilt, not the movie.
  25. Meet the Fockers? Avoid them would be a better suggestion.
  26. A ham-fisted cautionary tale of religious fanaticism that would have been hooted out of even 19th-century theaters as melodrama of the most lurid kind.
  27. Is there anything more pathetic than a movie that will do anything for a laugh or a tear that doesn't get any laughs or tears?
  28. Formulaic 'Chuck & Larry' is a crass, unfulfilling effort.
  29. The movie has nothing to offer except titillation.
  30. A movie made at wits' end. There are four or five authentic laughs in the whole 170-minute extravaganza.

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