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2018 movie reviews
  1. The movie is edited and, worse, narrated in ways that sabotage the magic and even undercut the movie's message.
  2. Some dazzling in-camera special effects, especially the ingenious idea of filming the story's ghost at a slow speed, six frames per second, giving the being a strange, otherworldly way of moving.
  3. Becoming Jane isn't just a soap opera - it's a soft-soap opera.
    • 21 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    A fuzzy, feel-good movie about baseball, babes and believing in yourself.
    • Baltimore Sun
  4. I found the sight of McAvoy as a piano player in jazzy-seedy duds a lot more disconcerting than Ricci's porcine prosthesis.
  5. By the time it reaches its supposedly crowd-pleasing finale, Baby Mama may have self-respecting comedy fans (and even Tina Fey fans) crying uncle.
  6. Unapologetically cliched and determinedly upbeat (even when it shouldn't be).
  7. The Mexican is its own worst enemy, consistently undermining its best efforts. The result is an over-long series of quirks, a film that's far less than the sum of its often amusing and ingenious parts.
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. The latest in a line of quirky, feel-good British comedies, Greenfingers fits right into the breezily entertaining mold but doesn't expand it.
    • Baltimore Sun
  9. Fails to go into the one realm that would make it worthwhile, which is Ed Wood's brain.
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. Unlike Nicolas Cage in "National Treasure," Hanks lacks the game for it. The surface seriousness of these Dan Brown movies obstructs his affability and easy, attentive way with romance.
  11. Poses as the story of a wild, eccentric love match but is really about a match made in limbo.
  12. Since that gifted, attractive performer is Hayden Panettiere, who has already won a wide following for "Heroes," it's a wonder that the studio hasn't been more heavily promoting her appearance in this decent, genial youth comedy. After all, she does play, ah, Beth Cooper.
  13. The whole thing turns into trash with flash.
  14. Director Gillian Armstrong drains all the emotional energy out of the people who dot her movie's lovely landscape.
  15. Puerile, offensive, degrading, dumb, pointless, insipid and may just well be a harbinger for the end of Western civilization as we know it. But I laughed. Sorry.
    • Baltimore Sun
  16. Watching The Gospel of John is like listening to a religious audiotape while working a picture flip-book of the Bible.
  17. Thank goodness for Davy Crockett; without him, the Alamo could have proven the blandest heroic siege in movie history.
  18. Despite the cunning mixture of live-action footage and animatronic effects in Two Brothers, there's more imagination and wonder in a good old Sabu picture like "The Jungle Book" (1942). Two Brothers is more like a tacky jungle comic book.
  19. Relentless in its crudity, so indiscriminate in its pursuit of tasteless laughs, so pure in its determination to offend, one almost has to admire it. It's even funny. Sometimes.
  20. The cinematic equivalent of a careless foot fault.
  21. The film is achingly conventional. [03 Jun 1994]
    • Baltimore Sun
  22. The movie, brief though it is, feels as padded as a travelogue.
  23. On the plus side, the casting is superb - and the acting, too. Although the context is overwrought and the moviemaking over-the-top, Washington acts from the ticker out.
  24. You get the film's message, that mankind does not react well when challenged by unpleasantness it can't explain away, within the first 15 minutes -- leaving more than 100 minutes to ponderously belabor the point.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Making a live-action version of Thunderbirds is like rounding out the edges on a Picasso painting to render it more realistic.
  25. The Assassination of Richard Nixon makes Bicke suffer the greatest indignity: it turns him into a relentless bore.
  26. Les Mayfield doesn't know how to stage showdowns and chases so they're exciting or funny.
  27. Nightwatch is passable stuff for undiscriminating fans of the ickier-the-better genre; for the rest of us, it offers nothing new. [17 Apr 1998]
    • Baltimore Sun
  28. Up against the wit and teamwork of the sparkling TV original, this lame vehicle sputters and fades.

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