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2025 movie reviews
  1. The rousing new Western 3:10 to Yuma has the sweep of an epic and the economy of a stopwatch.
  2. The movie comes together like a nihilistic jigsaw puzzle - with a few pieces removed for that special, indefinable dash of pseudo-density.
  3. The result is an exciting, infuriating, combative experience.
  4. The ovation that Hudson wins from the movie's audience is one of those miraculous moments when a performer's artistry breaks through the screen and makes you feel part of a live audience. I haven't experienced anything like it since Barbra Streisand sang "My Man" at the end of her astonishing debut in Funny Girl.
  5. There's great action moviemaking here: You learn what it means to "carve" a pool, as you learn what it means to "close off" the boxing ring in Ali.
  6. There are no surprise twists, no characters who rise above themselves, no cheap happy endings. There are just people struggling with emotions and situations they think are beyond their control.
  7. Unfolds amid the mechanized carnage of World War I. Yet everything in it is personal. That's why it's a masterpiece.
  8. Unlike other movies about unpleasant characters, "In the Company of Men," for example, Chuck & Buck doesn't have that sharp observational edge.
    • Baltimore Sun
  9. Shine a Light has two maestros, Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger, and once they begin to mesh, around the third or fourth song, they put on a display of showmanship that erases the line between art and entertainment.
  10. For a documentary about a music festival, Soul Power doesn't include nearly enough music.
  11. The whole movie aspires to set an Annie Hall vibe, especially when Tom keeps trying to re-create, first with her and then with someone else.
  12. Disturbing, maddening, often confusing, but also charming, engaging and challenging in all the best ways.
  13. Campbell Scott creates a new movie anti-hero -- the weak silent type -- and goes all the way with it in The Secret Lives of Dentists.
  14. It gets under your skin and into your head, and you don't want it to leave.
  15. Offers a welcome riff on a well-worn horror standard.
  16. Frequently fascinating, it never builds into anything profound.
  17. The union of thought and feeling becomes flesh and blood thanks to four brilliant performers in Iris.
  18. These guys are funny.
  19. It's a documentary about acknowledging genius, about just desserts, about artistic muses that refuse to give up. It's about great camaraderie and great music.
  20. Oshii is able to knit together action sequences with extraordinary power and conviction.... Ghost in the Shell is absolutely terrific.
  21. Misplaced hero-worship and glibness get in the way of its amazing true story.
  22. Isn't nearly the landmark comedy it thinks it is, but its quirkiness should appeal to the highbrow funny bone in all of us.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. The movie is best when everything is up in the air.
  24. It's an authentic, harrowing tale of heroism.
  25. Spielberg's inchoate attempts at cultural observation stretch the movie out and dilute the giddiness instead of adding a pleasurable spike. When the movie doesn't feel inflated, it feels soggy.
  26. The only thing missing from this rich production is an emotional charge, which Highsmith could create on the page but which Minghella doesn't quite capture on screen.
  27. Washington is wisely cast as Marco; few actors command more instant respect, and the movie uses that to make his character both believable and sympathetic.
  28. Plunges into an imaginative landscape as large as all creation - and never slackens its barreling pace or shrinks its panoramic scope.
  29. Filled with delightful sequences.
    • Baltimore Sun
  30. A snarling satire of Hollywood single-mindedness and its lack of any moral underpinning.
    • Baltimore Sun

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